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1 bedroom townhouse is an exceptional investment and residential option for couples and singles who prefer spending their life away from the crowd of the city without any interference from the neighbours. Living in townhouses can be great if you prefer the country lifestyle. A 1 bedroom townhouse is usually equipped with a big master bedroom, a living room, a spacious balcony, fully-equipped kitchen, and a bathroom. If this is what you are looking for then go through our vast database of property listing consisting of 1 bedroom townhouses for sale in Dubai.

Tips for Buying a 1 Bedroom Townhouse for in Dubai:

  • Consider your budget
  • Create a must-have list about your desired community.
  • Perk up your ears.
  • Check out the common areas.
  • Visit the area to have a better idea of the lifestyle there.
  • Get in touch with your future neighbours
  • Read all the laws and regulations
  • Think long-term

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

For whom townhouse living is best?

Living in a townhouse is an ideal option for those individuals who are buying a house for the first time and has a budget to cater but also want a spacious unit that is more affordable than a condominium.

Townhouses can also be considered as condos?

The condominium is not a type of property but a type of ownership. Townhouses can or can not be condominiums depending upon the ownership of the property. A freehold townhouse can never be a condominium.

How are townhouses separated?

Townhouses are separated with adjoins by splitting them into two in half at a common party wall. Sometimes the property is also separated through lines of occupation like hedges, fences, etc.

How are cluster homes different from townhouses?

Townhouses are the property type in which houses are joined together with a single wall. Townhouses are mostly based on three levels having the bedroom on the top level, a garage at the ground level while the dining room, living room, kitchen on the second level. Townhouses can sometimes also be acquired as condominiums where ownership is shared. The maintenance cost of such apartments is low since it is divided among the number of townhouses owners located side by side.

On the other hand, cluster homes are single-family homes each having their own piece of land. Cluster homes are less spacious spread over an area of around 3000 square feet or less. It means that the builder can build more homes on a traditional less spacious lot.

Are townhouses quiet?

The serenity of a townhouse depends upon a number of factors including the location, building material, and quality of neighbours. If your neighbours are very loud all the time then you would be able to listen to them 24/7. Apart from this, location also plays a major role if you opt for a serene location then your townhouse will definitely be quiet. The building material of the townhouse also plays a crucial role in the noisiness of your townhouse. If the material used is soundproof then you won’t be able to hear your neighbours. 

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