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Down Payment 5%
Payment Plan 60/40
Hand Over Q4 2022
Down Payment 5%
Payment Plan 60/40
Hand Over Q4 2022
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Payment Plan 70/30
Hand Over Mar - 2023
Ruba Townhouses
Down Payment 5%
Payment Plan 70/30, Post-Handover
Hand Over Q4 - 2022


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Looking to buy property in Dubai away from the hustle and bustle of the city? Then there are several community projects developed away from the city which is designed mainly for the convenience and comfort of the residents. Such community projects have several townhouses for sale in Dubai, that bring out the best of luxurious as well as a simple livelihood to the people.

Ideal Locations to Find the Best Townhouses in Dubai:

Several locations have been developed in Dubai where townhouses are built up in serene settings with all the amenities you need within the vicinity. Some of the most amazing areas to own a townhouse in Dubai are Serena, Meydan, Akoya Oxygen, Villanova and DAMAC Hills, among few others. These areas provide the most serene environment for community living while providing complete privacy to the residents.

The above-mentioned areas are best to buy property in Dubai. Some of the best townhouses in these areas are Arabella 3, Amaranta Townhouses, MAG Eye, Jumeirah Luxury, Casa Viva Townhouses, and Cassia Townhouses. These community projects are developed by some of the most reputed property developers in Dubai that provide a great living space for residents along with the best amenities and state-of-the-art facilities.

Living in townhouses is an ideal choice for most of the people living in residents since most of these projects are built with multi-bedroom units and are located in some of the best areas in gated communities to provide the most secure environment to the residents. The projects also provide proximity to schools, restaurants, community centers along with hotels and hospitals which make it the best place to live in the whole of Dubai.

Reasons to Buy a Townhouse in Dubai:

Are you looking to buy a property in Dubai? Then make sure to consider the benefits of purchasing a townhouse as your dream home too by looking at the following benefits of living in townhouses:

The first and foremost reason for buying a townhouse in a city like Dubai is that it divides your cost of maintenance fees and saves you some money. Buying a townhouse will limit your maintenance cost to maintaining the interior of your house. However, the homeowner will be responsible to maintain all the expenses incurred exterior the house (roof walls, floor, etc.). The group of homeowners will also be responsible for other facilities such as the parking lots, common driveways in addition to other shared facilities.

Moreover, townhouses help you in providing the same privacy that villas provide just in your budget. You can have a backyard, playground along with lush-green landscape at a cheaper rate than purchasing a villa alone. They also provide you a serene and comfortable environment just like villas. Despite the neighbors being side by side, the noise of the surrounding is much lesser than that of apartments. In order to buy property in Dubai, make sure to check out your options for townhouses in Dubai.

Finally, townhouse communities offer exclusive access along with several shared facilities to the homeowners within the community. These facilities include pools, gyms, recreational areas and several more. There is a system of fund pooling that allows the residents to join funds together to buy shared facilities in the community project. The owners share all the amenities and features of the community project which gives them legal rights to use the facilities of the community.

Usually, such communities are located near the main areas of Dubai to provide access to schools, hotels, hospitals, and restaurants so that the residents can spend their lives in the best way possible with minimal effort to leave the vicinity.

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If you have made up your mind to buy the best townhouse in Dubai, then is the right platform for you since we provide commission-free services in terms of real estate and provide you with complete information regarding each of the property in Dubai. So, what are you waiting for? Go away and buy property in Dubai with the most flexible payment plans now.

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