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Down Payment 10%
Payment Plan 20/80
Hand Over Ready To Move
La Avenida 2 Villas at Arabian Ranches
Down Payment 25%
Payment Plan 25/75
Hand Over Ready To Move
Lila Villas at Arabian Ranches II
Down Payment 25/75
Payment Plan 25%
Hand Over Ready To Move
Azalea Villas at Arabian Ranches II
Down Payment 25%
Payment Plan 25/75
Hand Over Ready To Move
Yasmin Villas at Arabian Ranches II
Down Payment 20%
Payment Plan 20/80
Hand Over Ready To Move
Rosa Villas at Arabian Ranches
Down Payment 5%
Payment Plan 5 Years Post-Handover
Hand Over Ready To Move
Samara Villas at Arabian Ranches II
Down Payment 15%
Payment Plan 25/75
Hand Over Ready To Move
Casa Villas at Arabian Ranches II
Down Payment 10%
Payment Plan 25/75
Hand Over Ready To Move

How to buy the best property in Dubai?

Are you willing to buy property in Dubai? Now your task has been made easier with us. As the trend of a luxurious lifestyle and high-rise living has been on-going in Dubai, people are more into living in villas in a calm and serene environment away from the vibrant life of Dubai. The people who hate living in crowding areas look out for villas for sale in Dubai to experience a lifestyle free from noise and hustle. These people are usually medium to large-sized families who can afford to buy a villa in Dubai.

Best Locations to Buy Affordable Villas in Dubai:

Dubai being a vibrant and lively city offers a wide range of luxury residential villas in the posh areas. There is a huge range of master developments that are designed specially to provide a facilitative living to the residents of Dubai. If you are looking to buy property in Dubai with highly facilitated spacious living, then you should consider the most popular areas of the region which include Palm Jumeirah, Jumeirah Village Triangle, Arabian Ranches and Jumeirah Golf Estates.

The above-mentioned are freehold developments that provide the purchasing power to both locals and foreign nationals to buy property in Dubai in these areas. The developments in the above areas are highly-secure and safeguarded from threats of the environment. These developments come with lush green gardens and huge backyards which can be used according to the preferences of the buyer. These villas usually come up with personal pools; however, there are certain communities in Dubai that offer a combined pool for all the residents living within the vicinity.

Moreover, there is a perception that all villas are expensive which is wrong since there are several developments in Dubai that offer “affordable luxury” villas in Dubai which are suitable for the mid-market segment. The common examples of such villas in Dubai are Villanova and Akoya Oxygen. If you are looking to buy property in Dubai in these areas then here’s what you need to know.

  • Akoya Oxygen is one of the most famous villa community in the whole of Dubai that offers independent homes in different arrangements and styles. The most popular villas in the neighborhood include Aknan Villas, Aurum Villas, Biela Villas, Hajar Villas, Just Cavalli Villas, and Bait Al Assel Villas. All of these developments offer different amenities like eco-friendly stone walls or basement floor.
  • Meanwhile, Villanova offers independent villas for sale in Dubai like La Quinta and Amaranta. Both of these developments offer state-of-the-art facilities and that even at flexible payment plans.

Why do you need to buy a spacious villa in Dubai?

Owning an independent home is uncommon than in previous decades but several residents are still searching for villas for sale in Dubai mainly because of the following reasons:

The first and foremost reason for buying spacious villas in Dubai as it is most convenient for family living. Families are the primary market of purchasing such villas in Dubai because of people with family desire homes that provide space for their children to play in a safe and green environment and a place where the family can sit together and spend some quality time with each other.

The second reason is the privacy of residents that provoke people to buy property in Dubai especially villas in the region of Dubai. The villas provide privacy to the people in terms of exercising their free will and spend quality time with their family. Villas offer a serene and calm environment to the people away from the noisy atmosphere of the city.

Finally, with villas, people can customize their homes more freely and independently to utilize their space according to their own preferences. Because of this, you would be able to design an ultra-modern and trendy house according to your taste and style. Such homes are also suitable for living with pets and animals too.

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Looking to buy property in Dubai away from the hustle and bustle of the city? Then there are several community projects developed away from the city which is designed mainly for the convenience and comfort of the residents. Such community projects have several townhouses for sale in Dubai, that bring out the best of luxurious as well as a simple livelihood to the people.

Ideal Locations to Find the Best Townhouses in Dubai:

Several locations have been developed in Dubai where townhouses are built up in serene settings with all the amenities you need within the vicinity. Some of the most amazing areas to own a townhouse in Dubai are Serena, Meydan, Akoya Oxygen, Villanova and DAMAC Hills, among few others. These areas provide the most serene environment for community living while providing complete privacy to the residents.

The above-mentioned areas are best to buy property in Dubai. Some of the best townhouses in these areas are Arabella 3, Amaranta Townhouses, MAG Eye, Jumeirah Luxury, Casa Viva Townhouses, and Cassia Townhouses. These community projects are developed by some of the most reputed property developers in Dubai that provide a great living space for residents along with the best amenities and state-of-the-art facilities.

Living in townhouses is an ideal choice for most of the people living in residents since most of these projects are built with multi-bedroom units and are located in some of the best areas in gated communities to provide the most secure environment to the residents. The projects also provide proximity to schools, restaurants, community centers along with hotels and hospitals which make it the best place to live in the whole of Dubai.

Reasons to Buy a Townhouse in Dubai:

Are you looking to buy a property in Dubai? Then make sure to consider the benefits of purchasing a townhouse as your dream home too by looking at the following benefits of living in townhouses:

The first and foremost reason for buying a townhouse in a city like Dubai is that it divides your cost of maintenance fees and saves you some money. Buying a townhouse will limit your maintenance cost to maintaining the interior of your house. However, the homeowner will be responsible to maintain all the expenses incurred exterior the house (roof walls, floor, etc.). The group of homeowners will also be responsible for other facilities such as the parking lots, common driveways in addition to other shared facilities.

Moreover, townhouses help you in providing the same privacy that villas provide just in your budget. You can have a backyard, playground along with lush-green landscape at a cheaper rate than purchasing a villa alone. They also provide you a serene and comfortable environment just like villas. Despite the neighbors being side by side, the noise of the surrounding is much lesser than that of apartments. In order to buy property in Dubai, make sure to check out your options for townhouses in Dubai.

Finally, townhouse communities offer exclusive access along with several shared facilities to the homeowners within the community. These facilities include pools, gyms, recreational areas and several more. There is a system of fund pooling that allows the residents to join funds together to buy shared facilities in the community project. The owners share all the amenities and features of the community project which gives them legal rights to use the facilities of the community.

Usually, such communities are located near the main areas of Dubai to provide access to schools, hotels, hospitals, and restaurants so that the residents can spend their lives in the best way possible with minimal effort to leave the vicinity.

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Get Greater Investment Returns on Purchasing Hotel Apartments in Dubai

If you want to buy property in Dubai that offers greater investment return and does not require high investment then investing in Hotel Apartments in Dubai will be the right option for you. With the growing number of tourists visiting Dubai each year, the hospitality market of Dubai has continued to set trends in the global market. There are now plenty of opportunities for big investors with the construction of hotel apartments in Dubai that offer great returns on investments.

Why do you need to buy hotel apartments in Dubai?

In order to buy a property in Dubai, make sure to consider all of your options. If you are one of those individuals that are looking for a great return on their small investments, then you need to consider investing in hotel apartments in Dubai because of the following good reasons:

Guaranteed Returns:

The vision of the Government of Dubai was to attract more than 20 million visitors by the year 2020 due to which the developers of Dubai have been working hard to construct hotel developments to provide the investors with good investment options in Dubai. They are looking forward to developing cheap hotels and they also offer 10% fix tax-free returns annually by investing in a good property.

Special Privileges:

You can also enjoy special privileges that may be different from developer to developer by owning a hotel apartment. Having ownership rights in a hotel apartment means that you will always have a room of your own to spend your vacations. You would also be able to enjoy the different amenities and facilities of the hotel apartment.

Low-Maintenance Investment:

Secure yourself with a low-maintenance investment after buying a hotel apartment in Dubai. Your purchased unit of a hotel apartment will be managed by the hotel manager at all times. This investment is the best for busy individuals that cannot manage to take out time out of their busy schedule to manage their own properties.

Best Location to Buy Hotel Apartments in Dubai:

A lot of new hotel apartments are being constructed in Dubai in preparation for the Dubai Expo 2020. The investment in hotel apartments is not limited to expensive and high-investment but it also offers cheap investment opportunities to the people of Dubai. The areas that have hotel apartments at low prices are Deira, Bur Dubai, Al Barsha along with few other locations. In order to buy property in Dubai at cheap rates, make sure to set your target for purchasing a property in these locations. We have all the listings of hotel apartments that ask for cheap investment and provide higher returns.

So, what are you waiting for? Invest your hard-earned money in properties listed on our website and get the best payment plans!

Looking for apartments for sale in Dubai? Now is the correct time. With passing years, Dubai has continued to grow as a travel destination around the world. The city has established as a business hub for people by providing business opportunities to locals as well as ex-pats. With a lot of traffic of tourists coming to Dubai each year, the existing residential spaces are getting low and their prices are getting high because of the high demand. Now is the right time to buy property in Dubai because the rates will get much higher in the coming future. The most important thing to consider before buying a property in Dubai is its location.

Ideal Locations to Buy Property in Dubai:

If you are looking for a luxurious lifestyle in the high-end places of Dubai, then Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR), Downtown Dubai, Jumeirah Lakes Tower, and few other residential areas in Dubai. These places are developed for opulent people who prefer luxury as these places offer world-class facilities within reach. The properties in these areas also offer breath-taking and picturesque views from the balcony of nearby areas. These areas also offer lush-green parks or landscapes nearby with several retail and dining options to spend quality time with family and friends.

Some of the luxury projects in the above luxury areas are Downtown Views II, Plazzo Residence, Azizi Rivera, Palm Jumeirah, Marasi Riverside, and Elite Business Bay among several others.

However, if you are looking for relative cheaper options, then you can buy property in Dubai in these areas, Town Square Dubai, International City, Remraam, and Jumeirah Village Circle among plenty of others.

Town Square Dubai and all the above-mentioned areas provide properties and developments specifically designed for the middle class and mid-sector people. Their apartments like Rawda, Warda, and Hayat Boulevard offers cheaper apartments for sale in the heart of Dubailand. These projects also provide easy payment plans to facilitate people.

However, these areas also provide access to major road networks including Emirates Road and Sheikh Zayed Road. These areas are also surrounded by communal facilities that provide residents with the ease of living in these areas.

Why do you need to buy property in Dubai?

With the high turnover of tourists in Dubai, it is expected that the prices of property in Dubai are likely to rise with passing years and it would get difficult to get your dream home in Dubai. Now is the right time to choose the right property for yourself in Dubai because after Dubai Expo 2020 the statistics of Dubai will change further and you may not be able to afford your own flat in Dubai and the dream of your own home will shatter.

Choosing an apartment specifically will save your maintenance cost, and will provide you with better payment plans to get your own home in a vibrant city like Dubai. Apartments in Dubai are more suitable for small and nuclear families. Many of the apartments in Dubai provide residents with all the basic life facilities on the premises of the building so that they do not have to travel distances to get what they want.

How to find the best apartments for sale in Dubai?

If you have made up your mind about buying an apartment in Dubai, then make sure to choose the right platform to buy property in Dubai. Many of the estate agents in Dubai charge huge commissions from people; therefore, we have provided you with a commission-free platform to connect you with real estate agents all over Dubai directly and providing you with new apartments for sale in Dubai.

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