Off Plan Properties

Tips to Choose the Right Real Estate Company in Dubai

Buying a property is a massive decision that someone takes. It is a substantial financial investment that has to be adequately planned. The whole process requires effort, from looking for a convenient area to buying a property that fits well for your desired space. In addition to purchasing a property where you can live, it is also considered by many investors who want to invest in it to get a maximum return.

It is well known that a novice may find buying or investing in the property difficult. This is why it is essential to contact a real estate company to help you in the process and satisfy your needs before making a property for sale in Dubai.

Despite having access to the internet anytime, we can never truly determine which real estate firm is the most appropriate for us. The incredibly competitive real estate market comes with all the benefits of living in Dubai. When choosing one, there are usually several things to consider. Here’s how to pick the ideal real estate company in Dubai and get started, whether you’re seeking to buy, rent or invest. When choosing a real estate company in Dubai, keep the following in mind:

Do Research

The competition in the real estate world has increased, and so has the number of real estate companies. It gets difficult to reach the right company in such a wide range of options. In such a case, a Google search works best. It would help if you did good research, pen down a few names, and cut short the list to one company that best supports your objectives and demands and is worth working with.

Visit the Website of the Developer.

Visiting the developer’s website you have selected is crucial in finalizing the real estate company. The developer’s website will answer many of your queries about the owner, their history, their partners and associates, the length of the company’s existence, their completed and current projects, and many others. Furthermore, visiting their social media sites lets you learn the most recent information on the developer’s accomplishments, events, and special promotions.

Obtain Feedback

Internet is the best place to know about other people’s opinions regarding their company experience. You can easily reach many people through the online forum, where you can discuss the developer, their work, and how satisfied they are with their service.

Meet Them

Once you are satisfied with the feedback you have and find the developer fits your demand and criteria, the next thing to do is meet them. We often get persuaded by a fast Google Search and go for any available property sale in Dubai based on the information that can be easily edited now and then.

Every business has a personality, and the Dubai real estate company that best supports your objectives and demands can only be known by meeting them in person. You will be sitting on the other side of the table with the freedom to inquire about whatever you want to. This is the best way to learn about how they function.

A sales representative is the best person to go to in search of your queries. You can ask him all of your questions in person to clear up any doubts you may have. Developers frequently employ seasoned experts who can not only respond to particular inquiries about the development but also advise you on a wide range of real estate-related issues, including regulations, financing, and insurance.

Visit their Developments

A real estate developer in Dubai, which falls among the top names, has high-rise structures, family neighborhoods, and opulent mansions. Visiting the site will clear many questions for you regarding the kind of space you want for the purpose you are looking for. Everything needs to be verified and inspected physically, from the availability of parking to the size of the rooms to the way the property is designed to the amenities surrounding the development.

Do They Fall Within your Budget?

The most important thing you need to do is check if the price range falls within your budget. Going through the whole process and not considering this as a suitable criterion for choosing the right real estate company for you would be no use. Does the product have the proper value at a price quoted? Do they offer products for all price ranges? Do they intend to haggle over their prices? It would be best if you addressed each of these concerns. Additionally, be sure their payment plan works well for you.

The best thing is to add a price filter of your range, so the display result is only restricted to your budget requirement. A Dubai real estate business that specializes in more expensive houses may be less educated about what is available in your price range. Additionally, you are unlikely to receive much attention from an agent who mainly works with luxury residences. So, it is better to consider this as the main factor.

Do They Offer Options?

When selecting a property, the choice may sometimes be freeing. You will have the luxury of choice if the developer you are considering has a good selection of properties for sale in Dubai. You won’t have to choose between a small number of residential compounds this way. Instead, you can evaluate your needs and pick the one most closely matches your preferences, objectives, and dreams for a new property.

In conclusion, finding a real estate business in Dubai that caters to your demands is tricky as you do not simply need another house to live in, but a place that talks to you and makes you feel like a natural home. We at are here to help you select a location that comforts you along with meeting your needs related to a home. You can visit our website and see the available off-plan properties in Dubai. Make sure to work with a developer worth investing your time and money in.

Everything you need to know about Golden Visa UAE


The United Arab Emirates has become a top-rated destination to work, travel and settle down. Many foreigners wish to live and work here because of its ever-growing economy. This increased demand has let the UAE Government take one of the most enticing measures, which is the introduction of The UAE Golden Visa. It has been effective since 2019, intending to provide long-term resident visas for individuals and keep talented people in the nation.

The UAE Golden Visa benefits its people, regardless of whether they want to move to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or any other region of the Emirates. They can efficiently work, live and study without having to worry about the immigration process. From business people to investors to students to humanitarian trailblazers, all can now stay and operate in the UAE through this visa as long as they meet the eligibility criteria and qualify. We are here to resolve all your queries related to the UAE golden visa. Read further to know.

What is a Golden Visa?

The UAE Golden Visa, introduced in 2019, is a ticket to enable people from worldwide to live, study and work in the UAE without the need for a local sponsor. Any foreigner who meets the requirement can apply for it and get a long-term resident permit. People like investors, business people, and students are the ones who most benefited from it.

What is the eligibility criterion and requirements?

UAE Golden Visa possesses specific value, and they all want to obtain it when people learn how precious it is. It was initially made available to professionals with advanced degrees and investors. But it has grown to encompass various occupations and experts in multiple fields. Read about the eligibility and requirements below.


The detailed requirements for investors are mentioned below:

  • An authorized letter confirming the deposit of 2 million dirhams
  • Capital less than 2 million dirham- An industrial or commercial license
  • The personal investment of AED 2 million in the new or existing business
  • Owner of a company that pays the government at least 250,000 dirhams a year.

Real Estate Investors

The people who invest in properties have the following requirements:


A technical or future project with a capital of at least AED 500,000 is required for entrepreneurs to qualify for the Golden Visa. They can also receive approval from an incubator for startups in the United Arab Emirates to start a business there.

Bright Students

The Golden Visa is also available to exceptional students with promising scientific abilities. To qualify for the UAE Golden Visa,

  • Must graduate from university with at least a 95% grade point average
  • Must graduate from high school at an average GPA of 3.8
  • Letter of recommendation from the Ministry of Education.


A doctor must possess a letter of permission from the nation’s Ministry of Health to practice medicine.


Every scholar must possess a letter of recommendation confirming that they receive the Academic Excellence Medal from the Emirates Council of Scientists or the Secretariat of the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Award for Academic Excellence.

People of culture and art

They require a letter of approval from the department of culture and the arts in the concerned emirate.

Executive Directors

The executive directors must have

  • Diploma from one of the world’s top 500 colleges.
  • Valid job contract, at least five years of experience, and a salary of at least 50,000 dirhams.

Holders of doctoral degrees and specialists

Majors like artificial intelligence, big data, computer engineering, electronics, genetics, and biotechnology keep a special place in society. There are special requirements for the ones who have them.

  • A Ph.D., awards or certificates of appreciation in their field of expertise
  • Published articles or scientific books related to that field
  • Being a member of a relevant organization
  • Job contract for a career

The benefits of Golden Visa UAE

Golden visas essentially provide long-term residency, which is a significant advantage for those who regard the UAE as their final destination. This is why it has attracted the interest of many expats with aspirations to get permanent residency in the UAE. Many golden visa UAE benefits that can be gained by it are mentioned below.

  • Outstanding students are eligible for both a student visa and a family visa (parents and siblings)
  • The applicant’s close family can also acquire it
  • Returns on investments are possible
  • No stress about the renewal
  • Saved time and effort that could have been spent on the immigration process
  • Security and assurance of long-term residence
  • Long-term residency in the UAE for 5 or 10 years
  • Rapid processing from application to receiving it

What is the application process?

The application process entirely depends on the category and whether you meet the eligibility criteria or not. Let’s watch the application process about the requirements people must meet for golden visas.


The first step that needs to be done is to register on the UAE’s Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship website.

  • Nomination

The next step is to apply for nomination. It will take 30 days for the request to be considered by the appropriate authorities. You will receive an email about the outcome.

  • Publish your files

Once you receive an email about the confirmation of your nomination, you need to upload the required paperwork on the link provided in the mail.

  • Get your visa

After uploading the files, you will be able to get your visa once the ICA approves your application.

A temporary one-month visa will be issued to people who are already residing in the UAE. This is because they will need to change their quick access into the residency period, and they only have this period.

Queries related to the Golden Visa UAE

If there is still any query left, continue reading to resolve them. Here are some of the frequently asked questions related to the gold visa UAE.

  • Is the golden visa application procedure the same as a regular resident visa?

The application process for the golden visa in UAE is different from that of a regular resident visa.

  • Can I work in the UAE with a golden visa?

Usually, a person requires a work permit or a business license for anyone who wants to work in the UAE. But with a golden visa, you can be granted a work license by the government.

  • Am I able to apply from abroad?

You can apply for the golden visa even though you are currently outside of the UAE. However, you must first fill out an online application and submit payment for a multi-entry visa. After that, you can settle in the UAE.

  • What is the cost that I have to bear?

The type of service and visa category have a big impact on how much the UAE Golden Visa costs. The Golden Visa UAE price for those submitting applications from the UAE ranges from AED 2,800 to AED 3,800.

Top 10 Restaurants in City Walk Dubai

When it comes to food and drink, Dubai is among the most well-known cities in the world. Dining in Dubai allows you to learn about and try some of the tastiest and most diverse cuisines in the world. One of the best places to go for exceptional eating experiences is City Walk in Al Safa, Dubai.

City Walk is a beautiful area in Dubai where you can work, live and enjoy your life to the fullest. This community is built with the idea of uniting people by providing its residents with a contemporary and creative lifestyle. The top designers in the world conceptualized this high-end lifestyle destination. While planning the community, the essential amenities they took care of were related to dining. There are various dining City Walk restaurants, including eateries for special occasions, places for get-togethers with friends, and vegetarian restaurants with an exciting menu for vegetarians and others who prefer healthy meals.

The restaurants here guarantee an exceptional culinary experience with magnificent décor and a fantastic ambiance. The delicious meals are served in a distinctive setting. You get to visit numerous restaurants and cafés that serve food to satisfy all tastes and gratify your curiosity to find something new every day.

But how would you choose what to start with when such a wide range of possibilities is available with its offerings? To assist you, we have put together this article containing a list of the top ten restaurants where you should start if you want to experience the City Walk Dining concept. Read further to learn about the City Walk Dubai restaurants that provide your favorite foods.

Saladious Grillz

Saladious Grillz in City Walk, Dubai, is a renowned name for providing both healthy and delicious salad. The name might sound like the restaurant is restricted to salads only, but you will be surprised to know that it also offers impressive breakfasts and dinners. We mentioned this to people who got scared in the first place by its name.

Starting from the Salads, you can select what you want to add along with the preferred dressing. Saladious Grillz offers the benefit of customizing the salad the way you want.

If we move forward, you can select from a wood grill, wood oven, coffee bar, or live culinary station in addition to a range of fresh salads. You can also choose to see your seafood being prepared.

Furthermore, there are plenty of steaks, sandwiches, and seafood meals available. Since salads are the focus, anticipate a wide variety, including favorites like Caesar and Greek as well as sashimi and Asian quinoa. It is safe to say that you will feel like returning to this place.

Mitts and Trays

City Walk, with its fantastic dining options, brings you the best one amongst all that is Mitts and Trays. This international restaurant has a maximum number of delectable food options that are served in lovely aesthetics and delicate décor. The best part is that it has options for all three meals of the day: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. While exploring the streets of City Walk, when the hunger strikes, you don’t have to worry because Mitts and Trays are there to welcome you at any time of the day.

The skilled employees, quality food with exciting ingredients, and attractive interiors will make you come to this restaurant again. Furthermore, it is ideal for women to have quick catch-up sessions.

Five Guys

We had often heard that food connects people but got to experience it only when each of our friends had different opinions about the kind of Burger they like. Some would argue to have less cheese and more mayo topped on the crispy chicken fillet, while others would give anything to have melted mushroom beef burgers daily. Different burger choices lead to finding a restaurant that lives up to the expectations of everyone in your group.

This brings us to the famous Five Guys restaurant in City Walk, which has lifted the burden of finding suitable burgers as per everyone’s choice because of its wide range of burger options available. Five Guys is a family-run restaurant that provides palatable burgers and fries in a simple and clean setting. The restaurant has grown in its offerings and customers since it was first launched in 2003.

Sugar Factory

Do you have a sweet tooth? If yes, you must have had a number of experiences up until now related to going to random places to satisfy your sweet cravings. You might have often felt embarrassed for rushing to a bakery or dessert place now and then. Is it challenging to make your friends and family understand your adrenaline rush after having something sweet? This difficulty is made simple by the famous dessert place named Sugar Factory.

The sugar factory, located in city walk Dubai has something sweet for every person with every taste. This eatery is famous for its hand-crafted cuisine and is particularly well-liked by people with a sweet cravings. In addition to sweets, they also provide a range of other meals, including breakfast selections, pasta, burgers, and seafood.

This place is the perfect go-to place for people who want to fulfill their sugar cravings alongside their friends or family who won’t mind coming to a place primarily made for people with sweet tooth.

Farzi café

Food with spicy flavors brightens up an ordinary day. This can either happen due to the satisfaction of spicy taste buds or the burnt tongue that will become the highlight of your day. Eating Indian food in a city like Dubai full of wholesome Indian flavors is not more than a blessing.

Farzi Café, one of the best restaurants in City Walk Dubai, offers the best Indian food. The contemporary touch added to the food makes every meal memorable. Dishes like chicken biryani, chicken tikka tart, mushroom sliders, and hummus are the ones you should try here. It is safe to say that it has won the hearts of many people. Now you know where to go in City Walk Dubai whenever you are in the mood for an Indian feast.

Patchouli Patisserie

What is the best thing to calm you down on a hot summer day under the scorching sun? Ice cream is the most frequent answer. Patchouli Patisserie was launched to make this savior readily available to the residents of City Walk Dubai.

The most incredible gelato in Dubai is created daily in-store by Patchouli Patisserie using a variety of flavors. These flavors satisfy the gelato cravings of people of every age. In addition to gelato, High-end gourmet desserts, coffee, and delectable mocktails are also offered. V60 and a freshly baked pastry are the most recommended products here at Patchouli Patisserie.

Bare Burger

Bare Burger offers some delectable delicacies for fast food lovers looking for tasty American burgers at a reasonable price. It is one of the least expensive restaurants in City Walk Dubai that serves organic food.

The restaurant serves perfectly smoked burgers with fresh buns, crunchy onions, and pickles for a zesty flavor. It would be an injustice to the restaurant if I mentioned its name and did not tell you about its unique vegan Burger. It is a burger loved by the majority of the customers of bare Burger, which also have them come back to this City Walk Dubai eatery every time.

Pappa Roti

Pappa roti is another eatery in City Walk, known for offering crispy sweet buns. These buns are cloud-like and soft from the inside. A bun from Pappa Roti differentiates from others because of its scent, which is either sweet or slightly nostalgic. The company has grown significantly in the past few years, having more than 200 cafes worldwide.


Waco has revolutionized the idea of waffle and crepe with its fresh ingredients and distinctive taste. It not just only creates high-quality crepes and waffles but also a few more great options, including hotdog waffles, little pancakes, and others. Enjoy your conversations at Waco with a cup of coffee and a waffle of your choice.

L’eto Café

Want to eat breakfast in an aesthetic setting and gorgeous décor? L’eto Café is the place where you should go. This restaurant serves the best breakfast in City Walk, Dubai. From Californian-style pancakes to Spanish latte, everything on the breakfast menu is enough to make your mornings cheerful. Furthermore, they have plenty of dessert options for people with sweet tooth.

Top Buildings offering apartments for sale in JVC

Jumeirah Village Circle ( JVC) is a popular residential neighborhood in Dubai. This area has a lot of properties to offer, including top-notch apartments, villas, and townhouses. They are attractively built to provide modern living in a contemporary village setting. These beautiful private spaces offer a stunning fusion of Mediterranean and Arabian architectural themes. They have distinctive red-tiled roofs, curves, cut entryways, ornamental winding segments, tiled floors, and partitions that incorporate the best of conventional Middle Eastern themes and designs.

Jumeirah Village Circle ( JVC) provides easy connectivity to its residents through walkways, accessible transportation, and connected roads. Areas like Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT) and JBR Dubai nearby make it a top choice for anyone looking to buy real estate in Dubai. In addition, The Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Marina are other couples of additional nearby lifestyle hotspots.

The 5 JVC is one of the buildings with a highly notable mark and the most recognizable landmark in JVC Dubai. It is a branded hotel that stands out among the low-rise neighborhood’s other structures as a distinctive characteristic tower.

The community is created to cater to the residents’ comfort, health, and convenience. It is safe to say that JVC was constructed to provide the inhabitants with everything they require with direct access to the rest of Dubai. The facilities are easily found here with the convenience of a balcony, two-parking garage, a large outdoor area, and a separate maid’s quarter. Furthermore, the outdoor space is available for the family where everyone can gather and take in the peaceful nights while grilling or eating outside.

The community also offers excellent amenities, including shopping centers like the Mall of the Emirates in Al Barsha and the recently completed Nakheel Mall on the Palm.

JVC apartments for sale draw a diverse group of individuals looking for inexpensive home alternatives in Dubai, including singles, property investors, couples, foreigners, and families. Parents who desire to reside close to Dubai’s leading educational institutions would significantly benefit from the community.

The community has several buildings with various bedrooms and apartments available for sale. Read on further to learn about these JVC buildings.

The Plaza Residences

The Plaza Residences is a famous building in JVC with 1-Bedroom apartments for sale, situated in District 13. It includes four building complexes, providing residential and commercial structures. Main city attractions like Dubai Internet City, Dubai Media City, and Dubai Sports City are nearby the building.

Bloom Heights

The second best building in JVC is Bloom Heights. This building is known for offering 1, 2, and 3 Bedroom apartments in this neighborhood of Dubai. The 1 Bedroom apartments for sale in Bloom Heights are provided at an average price of AED 613k. At the same time, the 2 Bedroom and 3 Bedroom apartments fall near this price only.

This building offers modern architecture and a wave pattern on its façade that provides a sense of rhythm and movement. The magnificent views across the building add more value to it.

The 1,469-square-foot 3BR apartments at Bloom Heights are expertly crafted to give you ample room to live your life as you see fit. We suggest visiting the Bloom Towers floor plans to understand homes better. For individuals searching for JVC Dubai apartments for sale, the building is a solid choice to consider. Enjoy cutting-edge amenities, breathtaking vistas, and an innovative design to live in luxury truly.

Ghalia Tower

The Ghalia Tower, a luxurious building in the neighborhood of Jumeirah Village Circle, offers an opulent serviced lifestyle. The idea behind this building was to provide an ideal living experience to its residents. The builder has built it fulfilling this idea by offering 1,2, and 3 Bedroom apartments.

You get to live in the luxurious 1BR units in the Ghalia Tower starting from AED 599,999 with a flexible payment plan. You can live a life full of leisure, indulgence, and comfort in these stunning apartments. This comfort increases when you go for the 2-bedroom apartments available for sale in Ghalia Tower.

The Ghalia Tower, a luxurious building in the neighborhood of Jumeirah Village Circle, offers an opulent serviced lifestyle. Furthermore, the 3BR apartments for sale in Ghalia Tower give the people one more reason to find buying an apartment in this building appealing. Be the most spectacular version of yourself in the best possible 3 BR units offered at an average price of AED 1.3 Million.

Park View Tower

The Park View Tower is a modern and contemporary building in the neighborhood of Jumeirah Village Culture, Dubai. This new project in this area provides 1,2, and 3-bedroom apartments to its residents. The 1 Bedroom apartments available for sale in JVC offer the same level of comfort as a 3 BR apartment.

The Park View Tower JVC was constructed with the idea of giving the best living conditions to its residents. It is safe to say that expert professionals do interior and exterior design.

Pantheon Elysee

Pantheon Elysee is a magnificent building in the neighborhood of JVC. This building provides

opulent apartments with excellent facilities and amenities to its residents. Purchase abundant 1BR units at the Pantheon Elysee starting at AED 849,900 with a 10-year post-handover payment plan.

Furthermore, the residents can also go for 2BR apartments available in Pantheon Elysee in the JVC neighborhood. These fantastic apartments provide convenient access to Dubai’s most famous attractions and top-notch facilities. Your refuge where every day is enjoyable is the Pantheon Elysee.

Signature Living

Signature Livings is a master-tailored delicately made home building project. Located in the energetic and living neighborhood of JVC, it provides a studio, 1BR, and 2BR apartments. This building stands tall as the model of assisted living combined with a contemporary lifestyle.

The 1BR apartments in Signature Living are offered on a flexible payment plan to both buyers and investors.

Residents can also purchase 2 BR apartments available for sale in JVC by booking a unit in the signature living building. Open green spaces surrounding these apartments make them more appealing in people’s eyes.

Belgravia Heights

Belgravia offers one, two, and three-bedroom apartments that are stylish, spotless, and traditional. The homes have various features, including a swimming pool, kids’ play area, sports grounds, parks, and schools.

The 1BR apartment for sale in Belgravia Heights has a subtle mix between traditional elegance and cutting-edge design and integration. Other 2 and 3 flats are available from the residents with top-notch facilities and superb comfort.


Dubai is very keen on maintaining an eco-friendly environment throughout the city. The commercial and industrial affairs are designed in such a way to the natural ecosystem is never disturbed. In the event of all these efforts put forward by Dubai, The Green Planet Dubai is one such wonder that is inspired by natural rainforests. It is an indoor rainforest located at City Walk. More than 3,000 species of birds, animals, and plants can be found in this indoor tropical forest.


It is categorized into 4 different zones:

  • The Canopy
  • The Midstory
  • The Forest Floor
  • The Flooded Rainforest

It is a great tourist diversion for people around the globe. The flora and fauna of the Green Planet provide them with an opportunity to connect with nature and experience the tranquillity that comes from exploring the vibrant hues of nature. Let’s have a go at the following catalog:



An elite encounter with piranhas, the most forceful and lethal fishes of the freshwater, is available to witness an over-the-top ire of about 1,000 piranhas tearing away at their feed.

Piranhas, as mentioned already, are lethal in the sense that they are born with piercing, sharp teeth that are well-equipped for penetrating and shredding away the flesh from other organisms. Thus, the name ‘fish tooth’ is reserved for this specie of fish.

Under the surveillance of specialists, their briefing and encouragement, this activity is held every day at 4: 00 PM.


Animal enthusiasts will know how much of a hardship it is to come across Sugar Gliders, in ordinary animal parks. However, Green Planet Dubai by Meeras is more than excited to present you with such a once–in–a–lifetime opportunity! These little, omnivorous mammals glide from tree to tree, having assistance from the slender skin flapped behind their tiny arms for their small, amusing endeavors.

This whole recreation lasts for about 20 – 30 minutes. Starts around 3: 30 PM. The entrance inside the venue allows only 6 persons at a time.

Furthermore, this interactive session is accompanied by an educational session where our experts in biology and ecology are more than enthusiastic about imparting the information regarding this particular side of nature and its habitants to you.


Undoubtedly, this is the most thrilling part of this entire attraction for all Batman fans! Fans get to experience the whole fiasco the movie, Batman, boasts about.

Essential mammals of tropical forests, the fruit bats, are also a part of this indoor forest. These are the nocturnal animals that help in the dispersion of fruit trees throughout the entire rainforest. The Green Planet Dubai provides you with an exceptional opportunity to experience the cave of these bats. Tourists are offered to be a part of this thrilling venture, by directing them to follow a dimly-lit path on the ceiling of which the bats are hanging upside-down, Dracula style.

Be mindful, that this experience is not for the faint-hearted!


Green Planet Dubai lets you in on the ride to explore the importance of the slowest mammal of the world, the Sloth, to the tropical rainforests. These leisure animals are found in the corners of the world i.e. Central and South America. However, this park presents this delightful surprise of offering a habitat to the sloths as well.

  • It lasts for about 20 – 30 minutes.
  • Maximum capacity of 10 persons allowed at a time.
  • Starts at 2: 30 PM every day.


Are you daring enough to have a worm crawling your head and heads? Head onto the bug encounter to find out all about it!

Different species of worms and millipedes alongside others await you at the bug encounter. Have an interacting session with any of these insects, one bug a day, for a 20 minutes session. Starts at 4: 30 every day. Biologists are also present to broaden your knowledge about these creatures.


Do you know that the tropical rainforests are enriched with reptiles varying from snakes to lizards? Or that despite living among fruit trees, Anacondas and pythons have much slower metabolism rates than humans?

No? Here’s your chance to shine light upon your knowledge of reptiles and their habitat in the rainforest. It is an interactive session lasting for 20 minutes, where you get a golden chance to hold or stand next to these reptiles. 5 participants per session allowed which is held twice a day, at 12: 30 PM and 4: 30 PM.


Some species of birds including toucans are among the most endangered species in the world. In an effort to bring the people closer to nature and acknowledge its endangerment by the human race, Green Planet Dubai has set up a Bird encounter session that starts daily at 11: 30 AM. A maximum of 6 participants is allowed inside the venue. Here, you can capture aesthetic photos of different species of birds and educate yourself on them better with the help of experienced biologists.


Dive into another exciting venture of ‘Land Down Under. With Australia hosting over 750 species of reptiles, it is quite impossible that it does not get its own place at Green Planet Dubai.

Let’s head onto the multi-species exhibition with our following catalog:

    This place is a significant spot of this exhibition as it bears inspiration from the popular landmark of Australia, Uluru. Bearded dragons, snake-neck turtles residing on red sand, and rock work make up quite a fascination for the tourists.



The Lace Goanna Lizard, the second largest lizard in Australia is currently occupying the site of an old crashed plane. Having a growth of 2,1 meters, this is surely a sight you might never want to miss!


Join in on the charisma of the Wallabies, big-footed pouched mammals having a strong resemblance with Australia’s charm, the kangaroos. Various species of Australian birds including laughing kookaburras are also present among the enchanting maze of caves and trees.


The Australian Carpet Python, one of the deadliest and most poisonous reptiles of human history, is found also found here. Furthermore, white tree frogs and redback spiders are also present to be explored at the Australian Walkabout.


It is rare for Dubai to experience rain more so with a thunderstorm. However, Green Planet Dubai readily transports you to the tropical rainforest with a heavy thunderstorm. With the high use of graphics and high-tech music systems, you will, in no time be under a heavy thunderstorm. No worries! There is plenty of shade to hide and enjoy the thunderstorm without soaking in the rain.

It is designed to inculcate in the minds of the people, how important rain is for nature and easily it can be destroyed by the actions of humans.


Owing to the importance to connect humans to the flora and fauna, Green Planet Dubai has gone far and beyond to organize a camping event for its visitors. Putting a stop to all our clichéd imaginations, this park offers an out–of–the–world experience, to spend a night under the sky with the serenity of nature engulfing you and soothing you from all the worries and troubles of the world.

  • Valid only on Thursday and Friday
  • Green Planet Café to provide breakfast and dinner
  • Scheduled from 7: 00 PM to 8: 00 AM
  • Scavenger Hunts and Bingo are a part of this trip
  • Nature-based movie or story inside the bio-dome


  • AED 120 on the gate and AED 110 for online bookings
  • AED 184 in addition to the entrance fee for interactive sessions with sugar gliders
  • AED 235 in addition to the entrance fee for a meet and greet with sloths
  • AED 184 in addition to the entrance fee for Reptile Encounter
  • AED 184 in addition to the entrance fee for Bird Encounter
  • AED 700 for 2 persons and AED 1,200 for 4 persons interested in camping under the stars


Parking lots are available to visitors.


Opens Everyday: 10: 00 AM – 07: 00 PM


Keeping in mind the ongoing pandemic, a few safety measures have been brought into place:

  • Wearing a mask is made a compulsion
  • Disinfection is conducted at regular intervals
  • The health of the staff is strictly monitored
  • Temperatures are checked at the gate
  • Social Distancing is practiced. Floor stickers are also put up to encourage visitors to follow social distancing as well
  • The entrance is now allowed to a limited number of people
  • Hand sanitizers placed at different locations
  • Online transactions and bookings are only accepted
  • Play areas are to follow the rules of social distancing as well
  • The Green Planet is now closed on Sundays
  • PPE Gears including masks and gloves are available to be used.
  • Self –scanning of tickets at the entrance, so there is minimum contact between the visitors and our staff members.


Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum House Dubai is a well-known legacy site in Dubai. It is the imperial place where once the Royal family used to reside. In recent years it has been converted into a museum that welcomes about thousands of tourists to know all about Dubai’s historical home. Ancient rarities and artefacts, artworks, photos and other authentic things are now the current occupants of this place, providing an interesting look into the notable past of the enchanting emirate.

It is a chronicled landmark of Dubai. To all the tourists planning a trip to this elegant city, you must incorporate a visit to Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum House in your trip. Let’s head on to see what it offers:


Located at Shrindagha District near Dubai Creel, it is undoubtedly one of the ancient buildings of Dubai. With time it has undergone only a few adjustments since its construction in 1896. Home to the grandfather of the current ruler, His Highness Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, H. H. Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum Bin Hasher Al Maktoum ruled Dubai from 1912 till 1958.

It is also the birthplace of his sons and grandsons.


It is no longer the official residence of the present ruler, however, it has been turned into a historical museum with antiquated artefacts and relics ornamenting the whole place. This illustrious place depicts the ancient history of Dubai and the times of H.H. Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum.


As mentioned earlier, this museum depicts the rule of H.H. Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum. Some of the private and rare photos of H.H. Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum, with his family and other important personalities around the world, adorn the walls of the museum. It further enhances how powerful his rule was through Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum House.

In the museum are present various ancient relics and stamps, before the development of the oil boom. These stamps were of utmost importance, as they boasted of the authority of H.H. Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum, throughout the world.

The paintings, enhancing the beauty of the walls of the museum, give an insightful glimpse of the last ruler inhabiting H.H. Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum and the ancestors before him.

Visitors are also given a golden opportunity to appreciate the gold and jewellery owned by Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum and his family. The pure, shiny gold of ancestral times, is not something one ever gets to see in their life.

Coins that were used during the times of H.H. Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum are also present in this magnanimous exhibition. From this educational visit, one gets to know the monetary values of these coins was pretty high.

H.H. Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum House provides this golden opportunity to head over to Shrindagha District and avail this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and appreciate the history of Dubai and His Highness Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s ancestral place.


Occupying over 3,600 square metres of area, this architectural masterpiece is divided into 9 zones:

  • The History of Saeed Al Maktoum House
  • Al Maktoum Family
  • Old Dubai
  • Marine Life
  • Views From Dubai
  • Social Life in Dubai
  • Coins and Stamps
  • Historic Documents
  • Maps

The architecture from the 19th century, despite being given modern touches, retains its original shape and form. The museum is an emblem of the ancient architecture with high-beam ceilings and arched doorways. Three inner courtyards are present constituting 30 rooms, surrounded by four wind towers or the Barajeels. On the top is a reception area or majlis that provides with a marvellous and breath-taking view of Dubai Creek.

The entire how is quite quaint and voluminous and yet simplicity is the first word coming to our minds when we look at this magnificent masterpiece overlooking the Arabian Gulf. It also highlights how much of a devotee of religion H.H. Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum was, with the entire place facing the holy place of Mecca. Kitchen is made a little south of the place.

This entire place beams of simplicity and the humble perspective H.H. Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum had on life.


Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum House and museum is eagerly awaiting to entertain guests from Saturday till Thursday from, 8: 00 AM to 8: 30 PM. Timings for Friday are slightly different from 3: 00 PM to 8:30 PM.


  • The tickets are free of cost for people of determination and ages under 5.
  • AED 15 for adults
  • AED 5 for children and students (5 – 24)


It is located at the Shindagha District, near Dubai Creek.


For further query, the administration is more than willing to help you out.

Contact: +971-4-515-5336


This place is closed to visitations due to the on-going pandemic throughout the world.

This is one great tourist attraction. If you’re planning a visit to Dubai, we suggest you also give this place a shot!


Dubai, the focal point for adventures looked forward by adrenaline seekers from all around the globe. And when talking about adventures, scuba diving is the most non-neglected and thrilling of all. Scuba diving is the ultimate and mesmerizing tour of life deep underneath, giving one a must-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore the diverse marine aquatic life, and when guided and roped by excellent facilities and helpful staff, it turns out to be the safest of all fun-thrilling adventures with minimum chances of any accidents or mishaps.

Scuba diving not only allows single bachelor adventurers to have a thrilling experience of the marine life but can be regarded a family-sport, to add in the list when heading for a family trip with your loved ones and is also a very wholesome experience for newly-bonded ones if added onto a honeymoon vacation. So what are we waiting for? Hurry and Join in on the amazing ride!

Where on one hand people love the idea of scuba diving and eagerly look forward to opportunities for them, there are also some who are too afraid or hesitant to go for it and even pass-by their chances just on the basis of tiny stupid fears. But, WORRY NOT! We have brought you the safest, easiest and the most fun destinations to go for scuba diving. Whether you’re on a solo trip, a vacation with friends or even a honeymoon, a trip to these places and a dive into nature is a must to innovate memories and spend the best of quality times. Here are some scuba diving spots in Dubai you should be adding to your wish list, explore them and have another bookmark tag and a collection of pictures and memory notes in the journal of your adventures!


The aquarium tank in Dubai mall is one of the most popularly recognized, amazing and safest spots to head for scuba diving. It gives you an opportunity to experience more than thirty thousand mesmerizing underwater creatures including the largest collection of the sand tiger shark. The dive can be caged or uncaged depending upon the species you encounter. An instructor is also provided to you in this caged dive to keep you as safe as possible, this dive is mostly half an hour long and enables you to have a lifetime chance of getting a closer look at a shark! And this whole collectively thrilling and amazing experience is just for AED 595. Not only this, but you can also get scuba training at Dubai mall for a total of AED 908. The gears are covered in the above-mentioned cost. However, swimsuits can be availed and used at extra charges.

Aside from this, the mall also offers other learnable swimming courses which start from AED 126 and stretches up to AED 1,969. The aquarium also offers an underwater zoo course in an amount of AED 1,575.

The Dubai mall aquarium is open from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm daily. And it hosts both the certified scuba divers and the non-certified ones! So what are you waiting for?

Location: Near The Dubai mall, UAE

Contact: +971-4-342-2993


Jumeirah beach gives you an out of this world experience of interacting with the aquatic species in their own natural habitat!

You can get yourself a number of diving courses at this beach provided by the Bermuda diving centre. The most basic plan is for beginners for AED 299 which is a thirty minutes long dive with full equipment, a scuba diver instructor and underwater fish feeding. The timing for the dives start at 10:00 am and lengths to 8:00 pm. There are other centres present too such as the royal diving centre, ORCA diving centre and the deep blue sea diving centre. Different packages include different facilities such as photography under the water! Keeping the ease of the visitors in mind, the instructions are given in various languages including Arabic, English, Russian, German, etc.

The visitors spending holidays at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel can avail this lifetime experience completely free of cost!

Location: Near Jumeirah beach, UAE

Contact: +971-50-187-8755


The open-air aquarium of the palm lets you explore over sixty-five thousand underwater creatures. The dives there, are provided to both the certified and the non-certified divers. For the beginners, there’s a cumulative plan of training them about the basics of scuba diving and then going for the dangerously peaceful trip of interacting with life never explored before. The dives start from AED 1,350. Tours are also provided to have an insight look at the city of Atlantis at its best. The palm starts hosting at 9:00 am and ends at 6:00 pm daily.

This open aquarium gives the certified divers a chance to hand-feed the sharks which is exactly what they all long for.


My experience with Scuba Diving is quite a magical one. I would like you to know that I have deep water fear, a phobia which is with me from my childhood days. But after a trip to the Atlantic palm and the experience I got there, I went from a girl who was afraid of the thought of getting into the water to a girl who’s ready to indulge in any of the beach activities anytime.

I visited the palm myself and I have to say that it was one of the best and the most heartwarming experiences of my life. I got to see marine life from so close with such ease and safety. The staff there was highly helpful as I was getting terrified before going for the dive. They were the sweetest, encouraged me to go for it, the instructions were given, the instructors with us were keeping a very close look at all of us for our safety.

On the tour, I got to visit the LOST CHAMBER AQUARIUM which was magnificent. It had tunnels which we went in and had a closer look at the aquatic bodies. It was a very fascinating sight to have. The overall idea of the tunnels is amazing as it gets very interesting and feels more like a hunt, especially when you get to see a breathtakingly beautiful specie in the tunnels. I feel like the lost chamber is the best part of the palm. It is something unique and different from all the other places that provide the facility of scuba diving.

I would like to add that seeing the other world and interacting with it not only gives you a lifetime experience but also leaves its imprints on your heart. It is a soulful experience which brought me closer to nature and refreshed me in the best way possible. I never thought I would say this but this time going in the water was relaxing for me. So yes it is safe to say that the palm is the best place for the beginners who want to explore the underwater world to its fullest!


Location: Near Palm Jumeirah, UAE

Contact: +971-4-426-3000


From beginners to professionals the scuba shade covers it all.

Dubai marina hosts different packages for discovery dives as well as certification courses. So if you go on a vacation and change your mind and decide to become a certified scuba diver don’t you worry, we’ve got you all covered.

For a dive, just for discovery it starts from AED 578 and goes up to AED 1,575 according to your packages and the luxuries and feasibility they include.

One of the best things about scuba diving at Dubai Marina is that the certified divers can go on Deep-sea shipwreck dives which are mostly not provided in any other places. There are also courses from PADI featuring certified scuba divers for a cost of AED 1,024.

Location: Near Habtoor Grand Resort Dubai Marina, UAE

Contact: +971-56-200-0426

Scuba diving is a wholesome experience which gets you close to nature, makes you understand the importance of marine life, shows you the beauty of the mother earth and lets you experience the underwater wonders. And Dubai is a place for all of it. There are also other beaches in Dubai where you can indulge in tons of other beach activities and sports and dives provided by many other centres including Nemo diving centre, royal diving centre, blue coast dive centre, etc which have very talented and friendly staff. It is an out-of-the-world experience that you sure wouldn’t want to miss!

All About Cayan Cantara Tower In Dubai

Cayan Cantara Tower is located within the sought-after destination of Dubai Marina. This area features some of the best and iconic towers that offer magnificent views of the man-made Marina. Moreover, this tower is home to various commercial and residential buildings, cafes, elite restaurants as well as various renowned shopping malls. Among all the tall and iconic skyscrapers within this area lies the Cayan Cantara Tower which is a tall residential tower with a twist. The mesmerizing architectural design and unique structure of the building is a stunning addition to the already flourishing real estate market of Dubai offering awestruck views of Dubai Marina.

This tower was formerly known as the Infinity Tower and was renamed to celebrate its uniqueness in the world. This tower took around 8 years to finish. The inauguration ceremony of this tower took place in the year 2013 by a Saudi based property dealer, Cayan Investment and Development. Eighty percent units of this tower were sold during the construction process. This project has been awarded plenty of times including International Property Awards, Arabian Property Awards as well as Chicago Athenaeum. Cayan Cantara Tower is ranked as the 21st tallest building in Dubai and was the first tallest building in the world with a twisted structure when it was launched.

The location of this tower is another attractive element that connects residents to various key destinations of the city. Located at Dubai Marina, this tower enjoys a central location with magnificent views of The Palm and the sea. It is a 75 storey residential towers standing 1,010 feet above the ground. This tower was an outcome of the idea of Skidmore Owings and Merill which are the great minds behind the tallest structures of the world including Trump Tower in Chicago and Burj Khalifa. The unique architecture and shape of the tower is what makes it distinct from the rest of the projects within the area and act as a safety measure against the winds coming from north that carry dust and sand.

Project Overview:

  • 7 high-speed elevators.
  • World’s tallest ‘twisting structure’
  • 6 level basement and 75 residential floors
  • 21st tallest tower in Dubai
  • The construction lasted from 2006 to 2013
  • Offers various accommodation options for sale and rent
  • Cayan Cantara Tower is over 310 meters tall, excavation is 27 meters.
  • It features over 570 elegant apartments including penthouses and studios.
  • This tower was designed by the creators of Burj Khalifa.


Event Space:

There is a large space on the sixth floor of the Cayan Cantara Tower that is specifically designed for conference rooms, gatherings as well as designated smoking areas where free WIFI in public areas is also available.


Cayan Cantara Tower can enjoy free private parking that requires prior reservation featuring a spacious 5 storey parking space right behind the tower where visitors and guests can park their vehicles for free.

Central air-conditioning, security and maintenance services:

The 24 hour CCTV monitoring along with security staff ensures that the residents are safe in their houses. Guests are required to identification documents or credit card to enter within the premises of this tower. Moreover, visitors are also required to let the property owners know their time of arrival and departure.

All the apartments within this tower are well-maintained. The unique design of architecture of this building also enhances indoor comfort protecting the units from solar radiation. The twisted angles of the Cayan Cantara Tower function as shades for the tower making sure that the entire indoor structure is protected from heat. Furthermore, double glazed glass and metal cladding panels are used within the terraces and tower’s façade provide diffused sunlight to enter the apartments. This smart technique of architecture reduce the demand of cooling the entire tower providing the residents with comfortable living spaces.


There are seven high-speed elevators in Cayan Cantara Tower providing uninterrupted access directly to the apartments.

Fitness Facilities:

Cayan Tower features a complex allowing the residents to enjoy a vibrant and healthy environment. The residents can avail the gym in Cayan Cantara Tower that is equipped with high quality exercising machines along with a healthclub with a massage room and a spa. The complex also features an infinity edge pool facing the marina.

Guest and Concierge Services:

This towers offers a well-managed and clean living environment to the residents that is maintained by trained staff. The residents can avail the 24-hour concierge service and help desk in the lobby as well.

Lifestyle Amenities:

This tower offers high end facilities and amenities for residents as well as visitors. This tower has everything to allow the residents to maintain a luxurious lifestyle inspired by the international living standards. There are various schools and nurseries nearby where parents can send their children to play within the tunnels and swings. The kids can socialize, play and enjoy a fun time here and make new friends.


Cayan Cantara Tower is a 75 storey residential tower featuring over 570 apartments. The apartments within Cayan Tower feature studio flats, 1, 2 and 3 bedroom residential apartments and luxurious 4 bedroom penthouses. The lower portion of this tower offer beautiful views of Dubai Marina whereas the top floors offer the views of the Arabian Gulf, The apartments within this tower are divided into 6 distinct types providing the residents with ample living spaces. The crown of Cayan Cantara Tower offers 6 different levels that are of half and full floor penthouses. Each residential apartment features a high-quality kitchen, wooden flooring, bathroom fixtures as well as Chinese synthetic marble countertops.


Transportation Facilities:

Commuting to places is hassle-free with several metro stations nearby. Buses including Bus-8, Bus-F55A, Bus-84 and metro line M1 all located nearby. There are various modes of public transportation near Cayan Cantara Tower whereas the motorists can also access the area through King Salman Bin Abdul Aziz Street D/94.


There are various international restaurants and local eateries near Cayan Cantara Tower, including:

  • The Talk Restaurant – The Walk JBR
  • Nando’s – Marina Walk
  • Mom’s Food Restaurant

All of the above listed restaurants are accessible on a 9 to 11 minutes drive by car. If you are searching for some high-end dining options nearby, then you can head to:

  • Marina Social
  • Observatory Bar & Grill
  • Certo Italian Restaurant
  • Bleu Blanc by David Myers

Moreover, Operation Falafel is also another favorite spot near Sofitel Hotel. Apart from this, the residents can also enjoy eating at Pier 7 enjoying the beautiful views of the surroundings and Vapiano in Thuraya Tower is another restaurant for families serving an Italian menu.


There are various supermarkets near Cayan Tower that can easily be reached by car. These include:

  • ZOOM
  • Spinneys
  • My Word Market

There is Carrefour in Rimal that is located on a 12 minutes drive from the tower. The tower is also close to some local corner shops. Cayan Tower also has Portico which is a large space dedicated to various retail outlets offering a nice shopping experience to the buyers with magnificent views of the surroundings.

Major Landmarks:

  • The Yellow Boats
  • Dubai Marriott Harbor Hotel and Suites
  • Skydive Dubai site
  • Habtoor Grand Resort

This is everything we could gather about this mesmerizing tall and unique tower that is an architectural wonder designed by the great minds that were behind the construction of the amazing Burj Khalifa tower.

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