Offplandxb.ae is a new emerging real-estate broker that specializes in displaying properties for both investors as well as end-users. We deal with a huge range of client bases based all over the world and we take full pride in offering our services at our best. The main objective of our company is to provide first-hand assistance to our refined customers. You can get the best property dealership and advisory services with Offplandxb.ae that aims to work in the favor of customers who are either looking for a house of their own or several investment options. We aim to serve our customers in the best possible way by connecting them to world-class property developers in Dubai and introduce off-plan properties that offer a great investment return.

With easy payment plans and huge knowledge regarding the real estate industry, we aim to excel in the real estate services in terms of brokerage and property advisory and consultation. With our link to the vast base of property developers and knowledge of different off-plan projects and communities, allow yourself to select the right investment option for you. Our easy payment plans and 24-hour assistance helps in making your experience pleasant.

We specifically deal with reputable projects to provide the best experience to our customers and assure them of the safety of their money in terms of investment. We take the responsibility of providing you with the best options for investment in real-estate.

Get yourself informed regarding the off-plan projects, the reputable property developers as well as the available properties in the whole of Dubai with Offplandxb.ae. We provide reliable results according to your requirements with our filter search option that allows you to make your search shorter by specifying your needs in terms of prices, area of land, bedrooms (for residential projects), etc. We also provide the live location of each of the projects to avoid any sort of vagueness.

Since customer satisfaction is the sole priority of Offplandxb.ae we make sure to provide complete information on our website regarding each project to inform our customers in the best way possible. With Offplandxb.ae, make your decision after considering the payment plans, the features, the floor plans, and the master plan.

Our Team:

Get all of your queries answered in a jiffy with our 24-hour live chat assistance. We have a team of expert property advisors and consultants that provide you with their advisory services free of charge to help you in making the right choice in terms of property. Our customer service representatives also provide prompt replies to all your queries posted on our email id. We also directly connect you to your desired property developer in Dubai to allow you to get first-hand knowledge of the off-plan project you are interested in.

We care for our customers and make them our first priority; therefore, we select our team of representatives through a rigorous training session to train them to answer all of the queries of the customers and satisfy them to the fullest.

The objectives of our company are clear to each of the members of our team so that they always prefer customer satisfaction over anything. Our training programs are designed in a way to facilitate the needs of our customers in the best possible way.

Our Vision:

We make solving the concerns of clients in a way that is beneficial to both sides. Our company provides services which are highly customer-oriented. Our services are not limited to the buying and selling of properties; however, we prefer providing complete ease to our customers according to their requirements and specifications. Moreover, we believe in securing the interests of our customers while adding more value.

We are looking to make some positive changes with our existence in the present real-estate industry. Our sole focus is on becoming one of the leading real estate brokerage firms not only in Dubai but in the whole of the UAE.

Therefore, our services are purely transparent to avoid any misconception in the minds of our clients. We serve as a link between property developers and clients and charge no hidden fees or charges because we want to earn the trust of our clients.

Our Mission:

Having vast knowledge and understanding of all the nuances of the real estate industry, our prime objective is to provide our clients with all the information they desire. Our objective is to work with full dedication to help us in identifying the areas where our clients can benefit from our services in the best way possible. Our mission is to get certified by RERA and DLD to get in a position to serve both international and local clients with our prestigious and reputable services. We believe in dreaming big to get bigger.

We plan and organize each of our activities with the aim of providing greater good to our clients and potential customers. We try our best to expand our horizons to gain customer satisfaction the most. To conclude, we are here in the real-estate industry solely to satisfy the interests of our customers and provide them with the best possible investment options with flexible payment plans.

Our property advisors are trained to provide solutions that are beneficial for all. We want customers to prefer us before making any huge decisions regarding real-estate projects.


  • We provide access to a vast range of projects from reputable property developers in Dubai.
  • With Offplandxb.ae you can also get private access to new projects before the public launch of such off-plan projects.
  • We also provide our customers with limited time promotions and special offers.
  • Unbiased advice based on the individual specifications and requirements of the clients.
  • Proficient market knowledge and end-to-end service.
  • 24-hour live support assistance.
  • Easy payment plans.