OliOli Children’s Museum – A Heaven For Kids

Dubai has a wide range of entertainment and leisure destinations for kids. Oli Oli (means “Joy” in Hawaiian) is one of the best attractions in Dubai to keep your children occupied and fill their day with entertainment and fun. It is a place that your kids would not want to leave at all. The children aging from 2 to 11 years will be more than excited to explore the 8 interactive and fun-filled zones at this destination offering more than 40 activities that belong to different themes like water play, mechanics as well as sensory exploration. Read the blog below to find out how OliOli Children’s Museum Dubai merges education, family activity, interactive experiences as well as recreation to challenge developing minds. In this guide, you would be able to learn everything about OliOli Children’s Museum Dubai from its ticket prices, activities, timings, and location. This extensive description will help you in deciding if this place is worth your time or not. 

Creative Lab at OliOli Children's Museum


The activities at OliOli Children’s Museum are designed with a certain ideology.

  • Family-friendly community:

    OliOli Children’s Museum is designed with an ideology to bring families together, the communities we live in is just an extension of the structure of our family. Our young ones need to understand our values and learn how community building is important. Kids spend their time learning about caring for others, healthy eating, the importance of art and so much more at OliOli Children’s Museum. 

  • Hands-on learning:

In modern times, the emphasis is put more upon learning by doing. You little ones here will be encouraged to try doing everything from their own hands. This will empower them in making their own choices in life, finding solutions, building things, and sharpening their minds. Since all of this is done in a fun, engaging, and safe manner it helps them learn new ways of doing things easily. 

  • Real Learning:

The imagination of a young child is so vast and diverse that it makes it difficult to sit down to study for even half an hour. It depends upon the instructor or educator to make learning enjoyable and fun for kids. At OliOli Children’s Museum Dubai, education and fun combine with each other to help the kids in learning about Technology, Science, Arts, Engineering, and Mathematics in a fun manner. Various curriculums have been designed for various subjects to make understanding easier for the kids. Whatever resources you spend here as a parent will be invested in the cognitive development of your children. 


Every child has unique tastes, interests, likes, and dislikes. Considering this, OliOli Children’s Museum provides its visitors with a wide range of different segments that are suitable for the unique needs of every child here. The kids can bounce at Toshi’s net, launch water cannons or play with hurricanes. Listed below are the activities that your child can be engaged in at OliOli Children’s Museum Dubai. 

  • Creative Lab:

The inquisitive nature of kids keeps their children worried about their safety at all times. The Creative Lab at OliOli Children’s Museum provides an opportunity to all the inquisitive kids to present a safe environment where they can demolish and build whatever they want to. They can also use real tools here to create and develop new things. This will enhance their creative skills and would serve as a great learning exercise. Now you do not have to worry about finding your electronic items or TV remotes in pieces.

  • Air Section:

Many kids dream of becoming pilots and flying planes someday. Air Section in Oli Oli is designed to suit the needs of such children by providing them with various amazing activities. Here they can learn about gravity, aerodynamics, and friction as they witness magnificent floating shapes. They will also enjoy the airflows on Air Curtain and would also get an opportunity to marvel at 110 kilometers per hour hurricanes. 

  • Water Section:

The most popular area at OliOli Children’s Museum is Water Play where you can access ten meticulously designed activities that combine learning and interactive water games together to make learning fun and easy for kids. Here the kids can engage themselves in playing with water by washing a car, water vortex ball, dancing in the rain, or firing a cannonball. By doing all these fun activities, they would subconsciously be learning something. 

  • Cars and Ramps:

Some kids are fascinated with speed and cars from a young age either by watching Lewis Hamilton perform or naturally. At the Cars and Ramp section, such children can build their own dream cars and take them on a race. The kids here can help each other during the building process but the game gets super competitive at the time of racing where every kid wishes that their car comes 1st

  • Toshi’s Nets:

Toshi’s Nets is a fun place where every kid can enjoy their time. It is a giant string woven space filled with multi-colored shapes featuring various troughs and peaks. Here, children can explore and discover new things. They have to climb over walls and overcome obstacles to move ahead to complete their search. This space enriches their young minds while stimulating curiosity within them. 

  • Future Park:

Your children will be able to explore the world of tomorrow at Future Park. It is a place where people belonging to different backgrounds join hands and form a new future world. Kids here can work together to become co-creators. The whole exercise at Future Park is designed to stimulate the qualities of brotherhood and teamwork within them. 

  • Forts and Dens:

Forts and Dens provide a platform for kids to create their own fun world by building their own dens and forts. Children use the objects on their hands to build their own spaces at OliOli Chilren’s Museum. This play area allows them to use their own imagination and build something valuable. 

  • Toddlers:

Children naturally have a quality of being receptive even from a young age. They are open to new things and have open minds. Toddlers learn by observing things around them and doing them practically. There is a special segment within OliOli Children’s Museum that is designed for toddlers to provide them with a foundation for their emotional, social, physical as well as cognitive growth. The sensory plays, colorful puzzles, and popping bubbles at OliOli Children’s Museum helps in stimulating the learning process of children. 


The breakdown of ticket prices at OliOli Children’s Museum is listed below:

  • Toddler (12 to 23 months) – AED 63
  • Child Ticket (2 to 16 years) – AED 126
  • Adult Ticket (16 and above) – AED 42

The above ticket prices are for general admission of 2 hours and can be changed as per the decision made by the management of OliOli Children’s Museum. Check out the official website of OliOli Children’s Museum to learn about discounts and offers. 


  • Saturday to Wednesday (09:00 a.m. to 07:00 p.m.)
  • Thursday and Friday (09:00 a.m. to 09:00 p.m.)


OliOli Building at Al Quoz 1, Dubai.



The children can bring outside eatables but will only be allowed to eat at the in-house café. You can also opt to buy food from the café from a variety of sandwiches, fresh salads as well a wraps that are available in vegetarian options too. It is an ideal field trip destination. Different packages offer four different galleries at the time of tour to schools. The schools can choose according to the aforementioned activities. 

There is a wide range of fun and entertainment options in Dubai for families with kids. You can choose the galleries as per the age of the kid and according to his/her interests. For instance, if your kid is below 2 years of age you can rather opt for toddler activities at OliOli Children’s Museum than other activities that are designed for older kids. No matter which destination you choose for your kids, your kids will surely have a fun time here which will stimulate their learning process too. Looking for more fun places to visit in Dubai, read this guide about Zabeel Park.

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