Shopping, Dining, and Fun at the Mercato Dubai Mall

Shopping malls are the major tourism and lifestyle attractions in Dubai. The malls in Dubai are not only designed to provide an exceptional shopping experience to the visitors but also serve as avenues of various dining, leisure, and entertainment destinations throughout the city. Mercato Dubai Mall is one of the unique options in the wide range of malls in the city located at the posh location of Jumeirah. It is a mid-sized, Renaissance-style shopping mall providing the guests with a family-friendly environment in one of the best areas of the city. We have gathered all the information about his picturesque mall in Dubai, read the blog below to find out:

Mercato Dubai Mall:

Mercato is the only shopping mall that is Italian themed. The name “Mercato” means “market” in Italian. The ambience and gorgeous design of the mall make it an amazing place to shop in the city. This mall is meticulously designed to resemble the Mediterranean town from the Renaissance period that is completed with piazzas and cobbled streets. You can also enjoy natural sunlight from the glass atrium during the day time. This place turns to be a romantic hotspot at night thanks to the amazing and glowing street lights. Here you can find the influences of French and Spanish at the mall that are completed with calm shades of pastel color. Established in the year 2002, it is spanned over an area of 645,000 sq. ft. Though, this mall is not as expansive as the other famous malls of Dubai with the large glass rood provides a sense of openness in terms of area. You can explore a central square where you can enjoy several F&B outlets after taking a break from shopping. You can also find a cinema and fun area for kids along with various shopping and dining spots.


Apart from various shopping outlets, games, and movies at Mercato Dubai Mall will also keep the visitors occupied after shopping. 

  • Vox Cinemas:

All the cineholics can head to the VOX Cinemas at Mercato Mall to watch the latest movies. It is located on the first floor of the mall, featuring seven screens and can accommodate over 1400 people at a single time. The mall features an in-person ticket booth at the Mercato Mall cinema, but the tickets can be booked through the app of VOX Cinemas and website. 

Vox Cinemas in Mercato Dubai Mall

Location: 1st floor

Contact: +971-56-334-7172

  • Fun City:

Mercato Mall fun city is an amazing place for the entire family. Take your kids to the Fun City located at Mercato Mall to enjoy some games. It is an entertainment center on the 1st floor offering play areas with other activities like video games as well as slides. You can also host birthday parties for your kids at the Fun City at Mercato Dubai Mall. 

Location: 1st floor

Contact: +971-4-349-9976

  • Restaurants and Cafes at Mercato Dubai Mall:

It is normal to feel hungry after a tedious shopping day at Mercato Dubai Mall. Head to the indoor street café area or grab something to eat at Mado, Shake Shack Mercato, Paul and Gazebo, and More Café. 

Other restaurants and cafes within Mercato Dubai Mall include:

    • Starbucks
    • Charley’s Grilled Subs
    • Costa Coffee
    • Chinese Palace
    • Chocolate Bar
    • KFC
    • Bella Donna
    • Pizza Hut
    • McDonald’s
  • Arte Market:

There is an Arte Market at Mercato Dubai Mall for all the art lovers that take place every third Saturday and first Friday of each month to witness a special Arte market featuring the amazing work of over 150 designers. You can also find designers and handmade arts, fashion products, and crafts.

Opening hours: 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. 

  • Grocery Shopping at Mercato Dubai Mall:

There are Spinneys at Mercato Dubai Mall from where you can get your groceries from. This supermarket is spread over an area of approximately 4000 square feet on the ground floor of the mall offering various household products and fresh foods. 

Spinneys at Mercato Dubai Mall

Timings: 08:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m.

Contact: +971-4-349-6900

  • PrivelegePlus:

PrivelegePlus card for savvy shoppers can win prizes and avail discounts. The members of these loyalty programs can get discounts on over 90 stores at malls. In order to become a member, you need to present one or more receipts of shopping bills over AED 1500 in the previous 3 months. Then you would have to fill an application form that can easily be downloaded from the PrivelegePlus section of the website of the mall mentioned at the end of the guide. 


This picturesque mall features a total of 140 shops comprising of a various international lifestyle and fashion brands, including:

  • Bershka
  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • Calvin Klein
  • Diesel
  • Gap
  • Armani Jeans
  • Mango
  • Beauty by Edge
  • Massimo Dutti
  • Topshop
  • Laura Ashley

There is Virgin Megastore on the first floor where you can shop for books, DVDs, gaming consoles, books, iPods as well as various electronic products. It also offers tickets for shows and concerts in Dubai. For money transfer or currency exchange services, you can head to the Sharaf Exchange located on the Ground Floor. Apart from this, there are several service outlets at Mercato Mall including Minutes Kiosk where you can avail of services like phone and watch repairs, shoe repair, business card printing, key cutting, and engraving. There is also a pet shop in the basement.

Mercato Dubai Mall Details:

  • Location: Jumeirah Beach Road, Dubai
  • Contact: +971-4-344-4161
  • Timings: Sunday to Thursday 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
  •                                      Friday 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m
  • Website:

It offers an exceptional shopping experience for guests and visitors. Make sure to visit a wide range of malls located in the vicinity of Jumeirah. Moreover, retail needs are taken care of by a lot of things to do in Jumeirah besides shopping. If you are looking for more shopping options in Dubai, read this guide about the biggest mall of the world, The Dubai Shopping Mall

Paradise Hills Villas at Paradise Hills


Paradise Hills Villas is a luxurious residential community located in the prestigious area of Paradise Hills. Nestled amidst picturesque landscapes and offering breathtaking views, this exclusive villa development is designed to provide a haven of tranquility and sophistication for its residents. With meticulous attention to detail and a focus on delivering unparalleled quality, Paradise Hills Villas sets a new standard for luxury living in Dubai. Designed by renowned architects and built to the highest standards, the villas at Paradise Hills showcase exceptional craftsmanship and exquisite finishes. Each villa is thoughtfully designed to maximize space and natural light, creating a harmonious blend of elegance and functionality. With a variety of architectural styles and floor plans available, residents can choose from an array of options that best suit their preferences and lifestyle.

The community at Paradise Hills offers an array of world-class amenities, ensuring residents enjoy a truly elevated living experience. From lush green spaces and beautifully landscaped gardens to a state-of-the-art fitness center and swimming pools, every aspect of the community is designed to promote well-being and provide a serene environment for relaxation and recreation. Additionally, residents have access to exclusive leisure facilities, including tennis courts, children’s play areas, and a clubhouse, where they can socialize and connect with neighbors.

The location of Paradise Hills is another standout feature, offering convenient access to key areas in Dubai. Situated near major highways, residents can easily reach the city’s bustling business districts, premier shopping destinations, and world-class entertainment venues. With excellent connectivity and proximity to reputable schools and healthcare facilities, Paradise Hills Villas provides the ideal setting for families seeking a harmonious balance between luxury living and practicality. Paradise Hills Villas is a premier residential community that exemplifies luxury and sophistication. With its meticulously designed villas, world-class amenities, and convenient location, this exclusive development offers residents a truly elevated living experience. Whether you seek tranquility, elegance, or a harmonious lifestyle, Paradise Hills Villas is the perfect place to call home.


Paradise Hills Villas offers an impressive range of amenities that cater to the discerning needs and desires of its residents. The community features beautifully landscaped gardens and lush green spaces, creating a serene and picturesque environment. Residents can stay active and maintain a healthy lifestyle with access to a state-of-the-art fitness center, where they can engage in various workout routines and exercise programs. The community also boasts swimming pools, perfect for a refreshing dip or lounging under the sun. For those who enjoy outdoor activities, Paradise Hills Villas offers tennis courts where residents can engage in friendly matches or improve their game. Children have dedicated play areas where they can enjoy outdoor fun in a safe and secure environment. Additionally, the clubhouse provides a social hub for residents, where they can gather, relax, and foster a sense of community. With these exceptional amenities, Paradise Hills Villas ensures that residents have a truly enriching and fulfilling lifestyle within the community.

Floor Plan:

Paradise Hills Villas at Paradise Hills offers a variety of unit types, each thoughtfully designed to cater to different preferences and lifestyles. The villas come in various sizes, ranging from spacious 3-bedroom layouts to expansive 5-bedroom residences. With meticulous attention to detail and a focus on modern aesthetics, the interiors of the villas are designed to create a harmonious blend of elegance and functionality. The color hues chosen for the villa interiors reflect a sophisticated and contemporary aesthetic. Neutral tones, such as soft beiges, warm greys, and creamy whites, create a sense of tranquility and provide a versatile canvas for residents to personalize their living spaces. These subtle and timeless color palettes allow for seamless integration of furniture, artwork, and décor, enabling residents to showcase their style and create a space that truly feels like home.

The floor plans of Paradise Hills Villas are carefully crafted to optimize space utilization and ensure a comfortable living experience. Open-concept layouts create a seamless flow between different living areas, allowing for effortless entertaining and a sense of spaciousness. Large windows and glass doors maximize natural light, creating a bright and airy atmosphere throughout the villas. The floor plans are designed to offer privacy and functionality, with well-appointed bedrooms, modern bathrooms, and well-equipped kitchens that cater to the needs of residents. Whether you choose a cozy 3-bedroom villa or a sprawling 5-bedroom residence, the unit types at Paradise Hills Villas offer a blend of luxury, comfort, and practicality. The color hues and floor plans are carefully curated to create a harmonious and inviting living environment, allowing residents to experience the true essence of modern living in style.


Paradise Hills Villas is ideally situated in a prime location, offering residents the best of both worlds – a serene and secluded setting amidst the natural beauty of Paradise Hills, while still being conveniently connected to the vibrant city of Dubai. The community is strategically positioned to provide easy access to key areas and attractions in Dubai. With proximity to major highways and transportation links, residents can effortlessly navigate the city and reach business districts, shopping destinations, entertainment hubs, and renowned landmarks. Additionally, the location offers an array of amenities and conveniences nearby, including reputable schools, healthcare facilities, dining options, and recreational attractions. Paradise Hills Villas truly embodies the concept of a peaceful retreat within reach of all the excitement and opportunities Dubai has to offer.

Master Plan:

The master plan of Paradise Hills Villas is designed to create a harmonious and luxurious living environment for its residents. Spread across a vast expanse of land, the community features an exquisite layout that maximizes the natural beauty of Paradise Hills and offers a seamless integration of residential, recreational, and green spaces. The centerpiece of the master plan is the collection of beautifully designed villas, meticulously positioned to provide privacy and stunning views. The villas are arranged in a manner that optimizes space utilization and ensures a sense of exclusivity for each resident. Surrounding the villas are lush green landscapes and beautifully landscaped gardens, creating a serene and picturesque atmosphere. Within the community, residents have access to an array of world-class amenities. The master plan includes dedicated leisure and recreational areas, including swimming pools, fitness centers, and tennis courts, where residents can engage in activities that promote well-being and an active lifestyle. Walking paths and jogging tracks wind through the community, providing residents with the opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities while immersing themselves in the natural beauty of the surroundings.

Payment Plan:

Paradise Hills Villas offers a flexible and convenient payment plan that caters to the diverse needs of potential homeowners. The payment plan is designed to provide ease and affordability, allowing individuals to fulfill their dream of owning a villa in Paradise Hills. With attractive options and manageable installments, the payment plan ensures a smooth and hassle-free process, making it accessible for those looking to invest in their future home. 

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