Down Payment5%
Payment Plan40/60
Hand OverComing Soon

Ixora Villas Al Barari...

  • 0
  • Starts From AED 4,000,000
    Down Payment5%
    Payment Plan50/50
    Hand OverComming Soon

    Lunaria Villas by Al Bara...

  • 6 Bedrooms Villas
  • Starts From AED 15,000,000
    Down Payment20%
    Payment Plan30/70
    Hand Over(Q4 2022)

    The Neighborhood, Al Bara...

  • Starts From AED 780,000
    Down Payment30%
    Payment Plan30/70 3-Years Post Handover
    Hand OverReady To - Move in

    Meera Tower by Al Habtoor...

  • 1
  • Starts From AED 1,760,868
    Down Payment20%
    Payment Plan40/60
    Hand OverReady To Move

    The Nest By Al Barari...

  • 6 Bedrooms Villas
  • Starts From AED 10,752,672

    Al Barari: An Exquisite Oasis of Luxury in Dubai:

    Al Barari is an exclusive and upscale residential development located in Dubai, UAE, known for its lush greenery, luxury properties, and serene living environment. Tranquil and Lush Environment.

    Al Barari is renowned for its lush landscapes, botanical gardens, and extensive greenery, creating a serene ambiance amidst the desert surroundings. The development boasts an abundance of flora, including thousands of trees and various plant species.

    Luxurious Residences:

    The community features ultra-luxury villas, mansions, and residences set within a private and gated community. These homes are meticulously designed with high-end finishes, and spacious layouts, and often offer stunning views of the landscaped gardens.

    Natural Surroundings and Wildlife Sanctuary:

    Al Barari is home to the region’s largest privately-owned botanical garden, showcasing a variety of plants and offering residents picturesque walking trails. Additionally, it houses a wildlife sanctuary aimed at preserving and protecting local wildlife.

    Exclusive Amenities and Facilities:

    Residents enjoy access to exclusive amenities such as health clubs, fitness centers, swimming pools, and spas. The development also offers fine dining options, a community center, and recreational activities within its serene setting.

    Emphasis on Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Living:

    Al Barari prioritizes sustainability with eco-friendly practices, including recycling initiatives, energy-efficient technologies, and a commitment to preserving the natural environment.

    Privacy and Exclusivity:

    The community is known for its privacy and exclusivity, offering residents a secluded and luxurious lifestyle away from the hustle and bustle of the city, while still being in proximity to major areas of Dubai.

    Cultural and Wellness Offerings:

    Al Barari often hosts cultural events, wellness programs, and community activities that foster a sense of community among its residents, enhancing the overall lifestyle experience.

    Customized Services and Maintenance:

    The development offers personalized services and maintenance to ensure the highest standard of living for its residents, including landscaping services and dedicated support.

    In essence, Al Barari stands as the epitome of luxury living in Dubai, offering a rare combination of lavish residences, abundant greenery, privacy, and a serene environment. It’s a coveted address for those seeking an exclusive and refined lifestyle surrounded by nature’s beauty.

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