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Payment Plan Very Convenient
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Palma Residence by Palm Jumeirah Nakheel Properties
Down Payment 10%
Payment Plan 40/60
Hand Over Q3-2019
Serena in Dubailand
Down Payment
Payment Plan
Hand Over Ready To- Move in
Arabella Townhouses in Mudon, Dubailand
Down Payment 20%
Payment Plan 20/80
Hand Over Ready To- Move in
Arebella 3 at Mudon, Dubailand
Down Payment 10%
Payment Plan 25/75
Hand Over Ready To- Move in
Amaranta at Villanova, Dubai
Down Payment 10%
Payment Plan 25/75
Hand Over Ready To- Move in
Amaranta Phase 2 at Villanova, Dubai
Down Payment 10%
Payment Plan 25/75
Hand Over Ready To- Move in
Amaranta Phase 3 at Villanova, Dubai
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Townhouses apart from being the best option to consider while living also serves as an amazing investment opportunity for the individuals as they offer a great return on investments in the long run. Getting a 4 bedroom apartment in Dubai is a dream of many people who look forward to spending their lives in the most luxurious manner. These townhouses are available in various styles of interiors and layouts which leaves you awestruck in deciding which townhouse is ideal for you. Get across our list of the best townhouses in Dubai and find your dream home after considering all the information regarding each property.

Popular Neighborhoods to Buy Townhouses in Dubai:

According to a market survey report conducted by Bayut, the following are some of the most popular areas to get your own townhouse in Dubai:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How to choose between a 4 bedroom townhouse for sale in Dubai and a villa of the same configuration?

There are plenty of factors that can help you decide if you need a villa or a townhouse in Dubai. Townhouses are a budget-friendly alternative for villas so if you are short on budget then you must go forward with townhouses. However, if you are looking for a more luxurious option with a backyard and more privacy and security then villas would be an ideal option for you.

Is it true that townhouses do not offer you privacy?

In some cases, yes, since most townhouses are connected with a thin wall which makes it easy to hear your neighbours which may disturb your privacy. However, if you look out for better construction options then you will see that there are plenty of townhouses that offer you complete privacy since they are built using some of the finest material that does not allow your neighbours to hear what is going on in your house maintaining your privacy to the utmost level. 

Do the prices of townhouses appreciate over time?

The real estate market of Dubai is constantly growing at a constant pace and the prices of the properties in Dubai have risen over time which indicates that if you purchase a townhouse today, its price will appreciate in the coming future. So, the answer to this question will be a yes, the prices of townhouses do appreciate over time but at the rate at which they appreciate depends upon the location of your property. 

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