Things to Explore at the Museum of Future Dubai

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  • Museum of Future Dubai will be located near the Emirates Towers near Sheikh Zayed Road. It is quite natural that humans are always stressed out about their future and they want to know what the future holds for them. Well, Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has taken a great initiative as part of one of the ambitious projects in the lead up to the Expo 2020. The building is designed by Killa Designs and would be inaugurated in 2020. This museum is an amazing project being developed by Meraas Holding

    Outside structure of Museum of Future Dubai

    It is expected to be a building that will explore artificial intelligence in the future as well as other creative technologies in Dubai. This building will also provide a platform for advanced courses, specialized workshops, science conferences, and prototype testing of the newest inventions and new startups.

    Here are some of the interesting details of this mega project, the Museum of the Future. 

    The Most Complex Structure of The World:

    The Building of the museum of the future looks like an eye as if someone has kept an eye over the city and it is shaped like a lustrous silver oval which is open from the center. Moreover, the Prime Minister of UAE, Shiekh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has said about the museum that museums will redefine how we share knowledge and information in the future. 

    Furthermore, the exterior of the building is inspired by the aviation industry. It has used 890 stainless steel and fibreglass panels for its construction. Not only that, it’s floors are like horizontal surfaces in the building. The buildings with such a complex surface are normally rain screens according to architects of the building. the envelope is doing the waterproofing as well as the airtightness in the building. The Museum of the Future Dubai is not meant to be based on the past instead it is supposed to be an incubator for innovation and what the future would hold.

    See The Future, Create The Future:

    This building is still under construction in Dubai but the external structure is completely done. The motto of this mega project is “See the future, create the future”. This shows that the place will have house innovation boosting facilities and design studios with a futuristic approach. The museum would feature advanced health care, education, smart cities, efficient yet fast transportation, and government services.

    Some of the devices which are associated with the project include a brain implant that can literally read thoughts in order to eliminate multiple rounds of emails and other communications between meetings, a technological micro-pill that extracts nutrients required by your body as well as ejects all other waste, and helping to fight obesity and several other futuristic innovations.

    Incubator’s Artificial Intelligence:

    The rise of artificial intelligence will amplify human effectiveness according to experts. The highly evolved features of these computers might definitely exceed human intelligence, learning capabilities, complex situation of decision making, and sophisticated analytics. The makers of this building have developed the place to be the incubator of the creative ideas, inventions, and entrepreneurs of the future.

    The Accelerator Of The Museum Of The Future:

    It has launched a new accelerator program and the aim is to attract technology companies so that it can provide newer solutions for futuristic visitor experiences. The Museum of the Future Accelerator is a four-week program that will also pair the world’s most exciting technology companies with the Museum of the Future team. The program is devised as a part of the Dubai Future Accelerators, which is an undertaking of the Dubai Future Foundation. The program is categorized into three challenges i.e. Advanced Wearables, AI Guides & Social Companions, and VR/AR Virtual experiences. Not only that, the winners of the program will have the opportunity to develop technology for the museum’s launch.

    The Accelerator of the Museum of Future Dubai

    The new accelerator program will involve contacting 15 companies in Dubai to determine their technology and develop pilot project proposals to compete for funded projects. Apart from that, the museum aims to give a deep insight into the future of the 21st century and It offers reality-based experiences of futuristic technologies to the visitors.

    The most exciting thing is that the 15 companies are encouraged to apply for one of the three above-mentioned challenges in the accelerator program.

    First Challenge Of The Museum Of Future:

    The first challenge is based on advanced wearable devices which not only focuses on using the combination of sensor devices but also on the applications to create an incredible visitor experience. The companies contacted include IDENTIGY Technology L.L.C. (UAE), PoP-IQ (USA), SENSOREE (USA), and (UAE).

    Second Challenge Of The Museum Of Future Dubai:

    The second challenge is based on AI Guides and Social Companions. Apart from that, the visitors will get personalized visitor experiences through the use of conversational chatbots. The companies which are contacted in this regard are Huawei (China), Snips (UK), Art Processors (Australia), and Unified Inbox (Russia).

    The Last Challenge:

    The last challenge is based on VR and AR Experience where the visitors will get a dynamic interactive experience in the Museum of the Future. Also, It can be shared with people irrespective of digital and physical boundaries and the companies which are contacted in this regard are Digital Communication LLC (UAE), HOLOTRONICA (UK), SPACES (USA), and HTC VIVE (Taiwan).

    Dr. Noah Rafford, futurist in chief and CEO of Dubai Future Foundation states that:

    “If you have a product or a solution which you think might help us solve the challenges that are part of the accelerators program, we look forward to your application and if successful, welcoming you to Dubai to help build the future together.”

    The companies which are selected for the program will have unparalleled access to the resources as well as the staff of the Museum of the Future.

    Without a doubt, the rise of the tech and creative sectors in Dubai will be the key to the future world. Apart from that, the inauguration of the Museum of the Future will be a milestone to make Dubai the most innovative city in the world in the next ten years.