Top 6 things to Try Out at Laguna Waterpark Dubai

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  • The arrival of summers brings out an urge to cool off yourself and beat the heat of Dubai at various waterparks. Head towards Laguna Waterpark Dubai to beat the heat which is a thrilling water destination in the city located amidst the picturesque waterfront destination of La Mer. This place is the ideal place to visit in summers. This place can be the perfect destination in summers if you are looking to plan a day out with your family to relax and chill out as it offers something for everyone. Listed below are some of the things that you can try out at Laguna Park on your first visit. 


    Laguna Waterpark Dubai is home to various thrilling and exciting rides along with other sports and activities which make plenty of things available for the visitors in this theme park at La Mer. 

    • Enjoy at Infinity Pool Lounge:

    The Infinity Pool Lounge, just as the name suggests is a hub of endless entertainment and fun located close to Arabian Gulf and the North beach. This infinity pool lounge provides you with a chance to relax in a serene and cool environment as the gusts of wind blow away across your face and through your hair and as the droplets of water touch your feet and face. This lounge is one of the most exciting attraction to try out at Laguna Waterpark in La Mer. 

    • Try out the 180 degree Wave Machine at Laguna:

    Looking for an epic and unforgettable experience? Try out the WaveOz 180 degree FlowRider, the star attraction of Laguna Waterpark Dubai which is the third wave machine of its kind in the whole world. This attraction is capable of accommodating more than two body boarders and surfers at the same time. This is ideal for both pros and daring beginners. If you are looking to experience something incredible then do not forget to try out this ride at Laguna.

    • Relax at the Cabanas:

    If you are willing to spend some time away from the hustle and bustle of the city then Cabanas at Laguna Waterpark is there for your comfort providing you with beach towels, light refreshments and refreshing drinks along with allowing you to enjoy the panoramic views of the skyline of Dubai and Arabian Gulf. The ticket of the cabana is AED 995 where each cabana can accommodate up to 4 people.

    • Refresh your spirits with rides at the Laguna Waterpark:

    Laguna Waterpark Dubai is spread over 4 distinct areas including Slide, Relax, Surf and Splash and offers a wide variety of slides that gets your heart racing. Some of the best slides in Laguna Waterpark include Free Fall, a glass capsule skybox that gives you thrills, Constrictor, a dark tube slide offering optical illusions of lights, twists and turns as well as Manta, which is a 0 gravity ride with steep turns. Apart from these exciting slides and rides, there is an exclusive wonderland for kids known as the Splash Zone that is home to mini-slides, splash pools and giant buckets squirting water. 

    • Refresh your Spirit at the poolside café and bar:

    If you feel tired after a long day of fun and adventure at the Laguna Park, you can head straight to the on-site bars and restaurants. These restaurants provide you with a great opportunity to enjoy eating delicious meals while enjoying listening to the sounds of kids playing in the background and newbie surfers.

    • Shopping at the Park:

    The shopaholic visitors can head to the on-site merchandise shop at the park to buy a towel or a new t-shirt for themselves. The sports enthusiasts can pamper them by indulging in many sport-themed goodies available at this merchandise. You can also get all the essentials required to visit the park at the shops located within the park including sunscreen. 


    Listed below are some of the things that one should consider before visiting this fun-filled and adventurous park in Dubai:

    Kids Having fun at Laguna Waterpark

    Height and Age Restrictions:

    • The park has 5 distinct attractions such as FloRider and WaveOz 180. FloRider is a water slide tower featuring further 5 slides. These slides are only suitable for the individual having 1.2 meters height. 
    • Children under the age of 13 should be accompanied by an adult. 
    • Splash Pad is only designed for kids aged 5 or above. 

    Limitations for people with disabilities:

    • The depth of the pool should be well-known by them before entering.
    • People with any self-imposed restrictions or physical disability should refrain from using the attractions within the park. 

    Strict Dress Code:

    • The visitors are not allowed to wear lenses or sunglasses while taking rides until or unless they are fixated with a head strap. 
    • Wearing inappropriate swimwear to the park is strictly prohibited. This include transparent bathing suits, underwear, metal hairclips, and long necklaces. 

    Other Restrictions:

    • The whole park is a non-smoking zone so smoking is strictly prohibited there.
    • Regular diapers are also prohibited. 


    Laguna Waterpark Dubai offers a wide range of facilities to the visitors ensuring that they have a great experience during the trip. The facilities provided by Laguna include:

    • Retail outlets offering swim diapers for the kids.
    • Changing rooms, showers as well as baby diaper changing facilities. 
    • Free Wi-Fi.
    • Life vests and jackets for both adults and youngsters. 
    • Rented towels for AED 30.
    • Lockers to keep your belongings.
    • If you leave any of your belonging by mistake in the park then heading towards the lost and found office located at the basement exit of parking will keep them safe and hand it over to the real owner. 


    Laguna Waterpark  Dubai offers various parking spots for the visitors where they can park their vehicles without any hassle. The park has over 1100 parking spaces including the basement parking area that offer free parking to visitors for upto 4 hours. This service can be availed by writing an confirmation email to the management of the park. 


    • VIP Valet: AED 100 exclusive tax
    • Standard Valet: AED 50 excluding tax


    Laguna Waterpark is a place offering a wide range of thrilling and exhilarating rides. If you are ready for an action-packed entertainment, head towards the Laguna Waterpark located close to the rental villas in Jumeirah. 

    The timings of this park are Monday to Sunday 10:00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m. 


    The management of the park can be contacted by calling at +971-800-637227

    ADDRESS: La Mer, Jumeirah Public Beach near Dubai Zoo and the Village Mall. 


    The park can easily be reached through car, shuttle or bus. 

    • By Shuttle:

    Step on the complimentary shuttle from significant hotels in Dubai and step out at the La Mer area. 

    • By Bus:

    If you are planning to reach the park by bus, then you can board 8, 9, 88, X28 or C10 to get there without any hassle. You can get down at Century 1 or 2 and move towards the beach. 

    • By Car:

    You can use GPS to get to the exact location of the park by car. 


    There are the following different types of tickets for Laguna Waterpark at La Mer.

    Laguna Waterpark

    • The entry fee of Laguna Waterpark for non-UAE residents is AED 159.
    • The entry fee of Laguna Waterpark for UAE residents is AED 99.
    • Kids below the age of 2 can get free entry to the park. 

    The queues for buying these tickets is quite long so it is better to get your tickets online to save yourself from the hassle of standing in long queues:

    • The ticket purchased online is only valid for 1 day.
    • You get instant confirmation of your ticket.
    • Both mobile and printed vouchers are acceptable for online purchase.
    • You can cancel your ticket 24 hours prior to get a full refund.

    Make sure to check out all the discount apps before purchasing a ticket online and avail special offers for Laguna Waterpark. If you are looking to find out more about the park, make sure to visit their website. 

    Laguna Waterpark Dubai is amongst the best waterparks in the UAE where you can have a thrilling experience. If you are looking to find out about more places where you can cool off this summer then head out to various other family-friendly parks of Dubai including the IMG Worlds of Adventure.