Dubai Shopping Mall – Your one stop shopping destination

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  • Dubai Shopping Mall – Your one stop shopping destination

    As you may already know, Dubai shopping Mall is the largest mall in the world with over 1200 retail shops and numerous entertainment and leisure venues so you can enjoy your day while shopping at some of the most opulent brands of the world. Are you looking to visit Dubai? Don’t forget to visit Dubai Mall that is a marvel in Dubai and the visit to Dubai is incomplete without visiting this amazing place. Read the blog to find out the interesting facts about Dubai Mall:

    Interesting Facts About Dubai Mall

    The Dubai shopping Mall is the best in the world. This mall is built according to international standards providing the visitors a good run for their money. Ever wondered what’s in the Dubai Mall? Let’s understand why Dubai Mall is one of the best shopping destinations in Dubai:


    Being the largest mall in the world and the UAE, the mall covers a total of 12 million square feet of area with its special Zabeel extensions and Fashion Avenue. It is said that the mall is approximately the size of 50 football fields combined! Do not believe us? Visit the mall and know yourself. 


    This mall holds a world record of having the largest OLED screen in the world. The screen is approximately 7.639 square feet which are also the largest high-definition video wall in the world having the highest resolution. Earlier it also had records for the largest indoor aquarium having the largest acrylic panel in the world for Dubai Aquarium. 


    One of the fun facts of Dubai Mall is that it attracts more than 80 million people every year. This number is more than the number of people that visit the top tourist destinations like Paris and Bangkok in the year 2019. It offers a perfect mix of entertainment, dining, shopping, and fashion to everyone who visits. 


    Reel Cinemas in Dubai with over 26 screens is another great feature of the Dubai shopping Mall. It is one of the largest cineplexes in the UAE where you do not just watch movies but experience them. It promises a surreal and unforgettable experience for everyone who visits. 


    Amongst the most popular activities in the Dubai shopping Mall is ice skating. This Ice Rink beats others with its stature and grand size. This ice rink is big enough to host Olympic Events having a 1.5-inch thick ice bed which is twice the dimensions required for the NHL standards.


    • OVER 1200 SHOPS:

    Dubai shopping Mall is equipped with more than 1200 stores which are hard to find anywhere else in Dubai. Apart from these 1200 stores, there is plenty of pop up stores available in the Dubai Mall that adds up to your overall shopping experience in Dubai. The mall also features a Fashion Avenue that houses over 150 local and top international brands and the new Zabeel extension that has added a new store count and dimension to the inventory of the mall. 


    There is a luxurious hotel located in Dubai shopping Mall known as the Address Hotel Dubai Mall which has around 250 rooms and all the luxuries that you can expect from a 5-star hotel are present in this hotel. Moreover, it enjoys a central location in the heart of the Downtown District. 


    Dubai Mall has a Candylicious store which is the largest you can find in the world. This store is spread over an area of more than 10,000 square feet which makes it among some of the biggest candy stores in the world. This confectionery store can be called the heaven for candy lovers with heaps of chocolate, piles of candy, and candies dangling off trees wherever you look. 


    The parking of Dubai Mall can accommodate over 14000 cars at a single time so parking in Dubai shopping Mall is never a hassle. Dubai Mall is also a prominent dining destination featuring over 120 different restaurants.

    Leisure and Entertainment Destinations in Dubai Mall

    Apart from being a shopping hub for all the shopaholics out there, Dubai Mall has a wide range of leisure and entertainment activities for people of all ages to keep them occupied through their visit to Dubai Mall. The following are the places you can visit to have some fun in the Dubai Mall:

    • Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo: It is a world-class tunnel which is home to thousands of aquatic species. 
    • 22-screen Reel Cinema: It has the biggest HD screen that offers high-resolution pixels. 
    • Ice Rink
    • Dubai Dino Park: In this park, you can enjoy the pre-historic times when dinosaurs roamed around the planet. 
    • VR Park: This park takes you to an exciting world of augmented reality. 

    The mall also has a 24/7 high-speed free WiFi for the visitors, just connect your phones and enjoy. Apart from FREE Wifi, Dubai Mall also offers:

    • Mobile charging stations
    • Sleeping pods
    • Electric car charging facility
    • Power banks
    • Emaar gift cards