Fun things to do at Al Mamzar Beach Park Dubai

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  • If you are looking for a relaxed and tranquil place to hang out with your family and friends, then head to Al Mamzar Beach Park Dubai which is one of the hidden gems of Dubai where you can spend exceptional time with your friends. There is a wide range of activities to try out at Al Mamzar Beach Park from swimming in the pool to skating in the park. This destination is located in the north of Al Hamriya port at the Al Mamzar area within Deira. This park is spread across an area of over 106 hectares featuring pristine beaches, manicured lawns as well as bristling palm trees. We are here to inform you about all the fun things that you can try out at Al Mamzar Park so you can make most of your trip to this famous spot in Dubai. 


    Al Mamzar Beach Park Dubai features a wide range of activities for individuals ranging from swimming pools, designated play areas, and delicious food outlets. It is undoubtedly an ideal place for everyone looking to snatch some time away from their busy routine to rejuvenate themselves in the tranquil and serene atmosphere of Al Mamzar Beach Park Dubai. Listed below are some of the most popular activities to try out at Al Mamzar Beach Park Dubai.

    • Plan a Picnic:

    Bring your picnic mat and basket and set yourself up on the beach and enjoy the beautiful views of the park while eating your favorite snacks. You don’t have to bring anything to eat as you can buy as much as you can from the kiosks dotted around the park that offer soft drinks, tea, ice creams as well as other assorted treats. There is a café near the entrance of the park offering burgers and fries for the visitors as well as their family making it one of the most amazing things to do at Al Mamzar Beach Park Dubai. 

    • Soak up at the Beach:

    Al Mamzar Beach Park Dubai offers various beaches where you can soak yourself up at the atmosphere near the lake and experience the fun involved with sea-bathing. You can also bring a book with yourself to read it as you hear the soothing sound of the waves splashing. Make sure to bring your sunscreen with you if you are planning to pay a visit here. 

    Al Mamzar Beach Park Dubai

    • A Barbecue Party:

    You can arrange a barbecue party with your friends and family at Al Mamzar Beach Park Dubai to enjoy an amazing time with them. You can nab a barbecue stand close to the beach in the park and cook all those succulent dishes that you had been craving for. There are 28 different barbecue sports at the park where you can arrange an irresistible barbecue meal with your friends and family.

    • Experience the fun of playing soccer, basketball, and roller-skating in the park:

    Are you one of those persons that enjoy outdoor games? Then Al Mamzar Beach Dubai is the right place for you. There is a basketball court at Al Mamzar Beach Dubai for all the basketball fans where you can score points by shooting the ball through a basketball hoop. The soccer lovers can head to the football where you can practice soccer like a pro! Apart from these, there is a roller skating rink within the park which is famous for all those people who love to glide around the rink in their roller skates. 

    • Water Sports at Al Mamzar Beach Park Dubai:

    For all the water sports lovers there are various water sports at Al Mamzar Beach Dubai including jet-skiing, snorkeling, and swimming. There are 3 distinct swimming pools within the park where you can have a great soak in the water with your family as well as children. Give snorkeling a shot by taking all your snorkeling equipment and mask with you to enjoy viewing the beautiful marine ecosystem. However, if you are looking for something more thrilling then try a 30-minute jet-ski ride on a 700 cc jet ski at Al Mamzar Park Dubai for AED 69.

    • A Bicycle Ride:

    Enjoy riding a bicycle at Al Mamzar Beach Park Dubai by renting it at AED 20 to AED 30 per hour to explore the park. You will be able to see an 8m high tower in the middle of the park along with snack houses, an amphitheater, modern air-conditioned bungalows, and shades that are available for rent. 

    • Get to explore the surroundings with a scenic train tour:

    To relieve your stress after a long day of strolling at the park, hop on the train to take a tour around the beautiful spots within the park.  Here you get to explore lush green fields, sheltered beaches, food kiosks, and playgrounds while sitting at the train. If you have been looking for some relaxing sports for your family then you can find a wide range of beach chalets and sun loungers at Al Mamzar Park Dubai during your trip. From the train journey, you would be able to enjoy panoramic views of the golden sand beaches as well as the lush landscape. This ride is surely thrilling for people craving for fun and adventure. 


    There are plenty of facilities at Al Mamzar Park for visitors. Listed below are some of the facilities that you would be able to enjoy at Al Mamzar Beach Dubai on your first visit:

    Al Mamzar Beach Park Dubai

    • Exclusive days for women
    • Changing rooms with showers
    • Air-conditioned cabanas
    • Umbrellas and sun loungers for rent
    • Wheelchair friendly passages
    • Grassed picnic areas
    • Horticulture spaces and plants
    • Beach cabins for rent
    • Free car parking facility
    • Prayer rooms
    • Private chalets


    The opening hours of the park from Sunday till Wednesday are 8:00 a.m. to 09:00 p.m. whereas from Thursday to Sat and on official holidays the opening hours are from 09:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. 


    • The entrance fee of Al Mamzar Park ranges from AED 5 to AED 30 per car.
    • The rental fee of the chalet ranges from AED 200 per day for 12 persons to AED 150 for 8 persons.
    • Children below 2 and people of determination can enter the park free of cost.
    • The entry fee for swimming pools is AED 5 for kids and AED 10 for adults.


    Make sure to keep in mind the few things mentioned below to have a soothing experience at the park.

    • Make sure to stay hydrated before entering the park.
    • Do not forget to bring sunscreen with you. 
    • Pets are strictly prohibited within the park
    • If you are planning to do snorkeling at the park then do not forget to bring your equipment.
    • Smoking is prohibited within the children’s play area.
    • Make sure to visit comfy clothes to the park.
    • You can not take boys with you to park on women’s days (Mondays and Wednesdays)

    Al Mamzar Beach Park is amongst some of the quaint beach parks in the city where you can experience a great time with nature, playing outdoor games as well as enjoy a great barbecue night with your friends or family. You can also relax here by the beach on the sun loungers and hear the sound of the waves passing through the shore to get a soothing and calming experience. Planning for more adventures in Dubai? Read our blog about the best places to do parasailing in Dubai.