What is Best Time to Invest in Dubai Property Market?

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  • In modern-day Dubai, the landlords in the residential market are more flexible than they have ever been when it comes to rental free periods or price points or even defining the payment terms. The landlords are renting out their property on lower rates as compared to old Dubai where landlords were very reluctant in terms of their payment schedules.

    From an investor’s point of view, developers are offering high incentives to attract property buyers with a mere focus on buying rather than renting, with convenient and attractive payment plans of 5 to 10 or even 15 years to get a ready property for potential home buyers.

    For investors, this makes perfect sense since they are offered higher returns on their investment by the time the property gets constructed.


    The best time to invest in Dubai property market is NOW because of the current price levels and lucrative options on offer makes it an ideal time to invest in the real estate market of Dubai. Moreover, the prices have bottomed out and are more affordable than that in 2005 when the freehold market took place for the first time in the UAE.

    In the current real estate market of the UAE, the landlords are more flexible than they have ever been in the past since they are offering great payment plans for renting as well as purchasing properties in the Emirates. They are also lenient in defining payment terms that every tenant ever desires.

    The property developers in UAE can expect 7% to 9% of yields in the mid-market sector and the rentals are still high despite various corrections. Dubai still needs around 30000 to 40000 homes each year according to the industry to accommodate the new residents in the glorious city of Dubai which is the tourist hub.

    Moreover, the investors are also offered heavy incentives to attract property buyers to buy off plan properties Dubai rather than renting out since they are providing more flexible and convenient long term plans of 10 to 15 years to get a ready property with a much-appreciated value which attracts a lot of property buyers to invest in purchasing their desired home in the city of Dubai.

    Developers are recognizing the trends of residents that are aspired to purchase their own home in a vibrant city like Dubai and are offering flexible and convenient plans to them so that they get their property in Dubai. The investors are working on areas that provide the highest returns on investments and long term appreciation.

    DUBAI EXPO 2020:

    With Dubai Expo 2020 round the corner, the real estate market of Dubai is expected to rise and reach boom since the GDP of Dubai will rise greatly and the value of the pre-purchased properties will rise in the best possible way providing highest return ever to investors as well as homeowners; therefore, NOW is the correct time to invest in the real estate market of Dubai.