Legoland Dubai – The Perfect Theme Park for Kids

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  • Legoland Dubai is widely known for its fun and adventure that offer exciting experiences to both adults and children. This Dubai theme park will never fail to amaze you with its wide range of adventurous ride ranging from high octane rides to kids-friendly activities. Legoland Dubai is a LEGO-themed park offering everything from water slides to interactive rides to driving and building experiences. This park was launched in the year 2016 and is home to over 15000 LEGO models along with several other attractions for kids and adults. If you have been planning to visit this place with your family and looking for information about the rides and attractions.


    Legoland Dubai is spread over 6 distinct zones, Imagination, Factory, Kingdom, Miniland the first indoor region as well as Lego City. The park boasts over 40 LEGO-themed shows, rides, and other attractions. 

    • LEGO CITY:

    Lego City is one of the best regions within Legoland Dubai with various fun-filled activities. Here your young ones will be able to learn to save a building, fly a plane, and drive a car. There is so much more here apart from these basic driving and flying activities. Listed below are some of the best attractions in Lego City. 

    • Police Headquarters:

    Have you ever seen a police station made up entirely of LEGOs? If not then head to this amazing indoor, air-conditioned, LEGO-inspired headquarters featuring soft bricks. 

    LEGO-inspired headquarters

    Rules and Regulations:

    There are no height or age restrictions. 

    • Boating School:

    Boating School provides you with an opportunity to become the captain of a lego-inspired boat which would be an exciting adventure to have. This is one of the best places within Lego City where you can enjoy yourself with your friends and families. 

    lego Boating School

    Rules and Regulations:

    • Your age must at least be 1 year.
    • You must sit in an upright position
    • Children having a height of less than 120 cm should be accompanied by an adult.
    • It is advised for people of determination to sit in an upright position with someone’s help. 
    • A maximum of 2 adults and a minimum of 1 adult is allowed with 2 children. 
    • Sea Port:

    For all the ship and boat lovers out there, Sea Port provides an opportunity to enjoy playing with marine-inspired models of coast guard boats, cruise liners, and cargo ships. Here you can crawl, climb and play with these structures as much as you can!

    Sea Port lego

    Rules and Regulations:

    • There are no limitations here, any fan of LEGO can enjoy here. 
    • FACTORY:

    The Factory at Legoland provides you with once in a lifetime opportunity to explore how the bricks are made. Here you will receive your personal LEGO as a keepsake of your trip to the Legoland Park and will be able to see millions of LEGO models and bricks. If you are fond of toys, do not forget to visit the largest toy shop within the factory.

    The Factory at Legoland

    Rules and Regulations:

    • There are no height or age restrictions.


    Imagination has something for everyone with its exquisite range of some of the best rides in Legoland Dubai. If you are looking for a day filled with fun and adventure then you must check out the rides and attractions here. 

    • Duplo Express:

    Duplo Express is undoubtedly one of the best kids-friendly rides in Legoland Dubai. Here, your children can take a ride around Duplo Playtown by taking a train Duplo Express. Are you ready to fill your heart with this adventure?

    Duplo Express

    Rules and Regulations:

    • You should be at least 1 year old having a height of at least 80 centimeters.
    • The riders below 120 centimeters of height need to be accompanied by an adult. 
    • People of determination can take part in this ride from the exit gate.
    • There are slow-moving trains for younger guests.
    • Each carriage must not have more than 2 guests.


    This region of Legoland Dubai allows you to explore the underwater secrets. This region has some of the best rides and attractions in the whole park!

    • Lost Kingdom Adventure:

    Get your skills for good use at the Lost Kingdom Adventure expedition. Here you need to find the stolen treasure of the Lost Kingdom by using laser guns and celebrate your success. 

    Lost Kingdom Adventure

    Rules and Regulations:

    • You should at least be 2 years of age and 90 centimeters in height. 
    • There can not be more than 2 people in each car.
    • Riders having a height between 90 centimeters to 130 centimeters need an adult to accompany them. 
    • Beetle Bounce:

    This ride will take you 15 feet towards the giant LEGO beetle above giving you shivers down your spine. 

    Beetle Bounce

    Rules and Regulations:

    • You need to sit in an upright position.
    • You must at least be 4 years of age having a height of a minimum of 105 centimeters. 
    • This ride also has wheelchair access for people of determination. 
    • The riders having a height between 105 centimeters to 120 centimeters need to be accompanied by an adult. 


    Kingdoms have a zone for all the LEGO lovers to enjoy. You can access a wide range of rides and attractions here from an exhilarating roller coaster ride to a high-speed carousel adventure. Some of the famous rides and attractions in Kingdoms are listed below.


    • Merlin’s Challenge:

    Pedal your way up to the high-speed carousel to break the spell casted by Merlin! This ride is designed to transport you to the medieval area. This ride is great for both adults and kids.

    Rules and Regulations:

    • A maximum of 2 guests is allowed per unit. 
    • You must at least be 4 years of age having a height of a minimum of 105 centimeters. 
    • This ride is suitable for children aged 4 and above. 
    • Guests having a height below 120 centimeters need an adult to accompany them. 
    • Dragon’s Apprentice:

    Dragon Apprentice is an amazing exhilarating roller coaster ride for all the children who love thrills. This is the best rollercoaster ride in the whole of Legoland Dubai. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to try out this ride if you prefer a high-octane adrenaline rush. 

    Dragon’s Apprentice

    Rules and Regulations:

    • You must at least be 4 years of age having a height of a minimum of 105 centimeters. 
    • Guests having a height below 120 centimeters need an adult to accompany them. 
    • The maximum height limit for this ride is 195 centimeters. 


    Legoland Dubai also has a Legoland Waterpark besides the amusement park which is the only water park in the United Arab Emirates for kids ages 2 to 12. Here, the kids can spend some quality time with their families. This waterpark allows you to get a little wild and feisty and is a perfect place for all the water rides lovers. Here, you can beat the heat with a day filled with sun-soaked fun with a range of 20 waterslides along with several other attractions. Upheld your excitement level with Joker Soaker, Red Rush, and Wave Pool. 



    Miniland at Legoland features iconic landmarks and buildings from all around the Middle East which is one of the most visited attractions in Legoland Dubai. This region provides you with an opportunity to create your skyline of the city using the LEGO bricks at Build A city attraction of Miniland. 



    Legoland Dubai offers a wide range of shopping outlets including King’s Market, LEGO City Shop, Minifigure Market as well as Pick-A-Brick from where you can get your favorite souvenirs. For everyday living, products head over to the Corner Shop. Here you can get everything from sunscreens to hats to umbrellas.



    Looking for something to eat at Legoland Dubai? Enjoy a wide variety of slushies and tasty snacks at Aqua Treats in Legoland Dubai. To satisfy your cravings for pasta and pizza head to Caesar’s Pizza & Pasta Buffet to enjoy a scrumptious range of kinds of pasta and pizzas from everything you can eat buffet. For fries lovers, there is a famous eatery known as Granny’s Apple Fries at Legoland Dubai from where you can get a delicious signature treat: apples topped with cinnamon sugar or vanilla cream sauce. 



    There are multiple types of tickets for Legoland Dubai that are mentioned below:

    • The general admission ticket of Legoland Dubai is AED 245 offering a 10% discount on online bookings that must be made 3 days prior. 

    For a combined day at Legoland Water Park Dubai and Legoland Dubai, the ticket price is AED 295.

    • The kids under the age of 3 can enter Legoland Dubai without any ticket.

    Annual Passes for Legoland Dubai:

    If you are looking to acquire a Legoland Dubai Annual Pass the price is AED 345. However, the ticket price for both Legoland Water Park and Amusement park is AED 475. 



    • Everyday (10:00 a.m. to 07:00 p.m.)
    • Thursdays and Fridays (10:00 a.m. to 08:00 p.m.)

    Contact: +971-48203123

    Location: Sheikh Zayed Road Opposite Palm Jebel Ali, Dubai, UAE. 

    It is one of the most innovative theme parks in Dubai and is certainly one of the best places to visit and enjoy with your friends and families on weekends. This trip will stay forever in your heart. This is the end of our guide about this beautiful fun amusement destination. Let us know about your trip to Legoland in the comment section below. Do you want to explore more such options in the vibrant city of Dubai? Then you can buy an off-plan property in Palm Jumeirah to visit the iconic landmarks of the UAE without any hassle.