Mouthwatering Cuisine in Dubai

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  • Non-Vegetarian Cuisine in Dubai

    Rejoice your taste buds by eating the best meat in town. The aroma and taste of the food will make its way back to you no matter you’re looking for inexpensive street food hub or expensive Arabic food. Read the article below to explore your non-veg options in Dubai:

    1. Iranian Sangak:

    Number 1 on the list is the Iranian Sangak which is a delight for all the bread lovers out there. It is an Iranian leavened flatbread made up of whole wheat served in a plain or rectangular shape. It is one of the most popular cuisine in Dubai.  You can also get this bread gluten-free as per your preference. 

    Price Range: Starting from AED 18.

    1. Manousheh:

    Manousheh is known as the pizza of Dubai with its unique taste that is heaven for all the pizza lovers. This dish serves as a perfect pick for a luxurious breakfast. This cuisine in Dubai can be customized as per the preferences of individuals such as flatbread or stretched dough, topped with exotic toppings like earthy zaatar herbs, salty Akkawi cheese, and olive oil. It is one of the best dishes within the street food in Dubai. This dish is popular with both locals and tourists. 

    Price Range: Starting from AED 38.

    1. Chelo Kabab:

    Looking for something good to eat in Dubai? Try out the chelo kabab variety to satisfy your tastebuds. This dish is served with basmati rice with a pat of butter on the chelo kebabs. This is one of the best dishes to try in Dubai with its exceptional taste. 

    Price Range: Starting from AED 25.

    1. Al Machboos:

    It is the simplest cooked yet famous food in Dubai with rice, onions, meat seasoned with dried lemon, salt, and spices. This dish is made to our list of best cuisines in Dubai because of its zesty flavors. Don’t forget to try this dish with salad and raita. You will definitely be surprised by its good taste. 

    Price Range: Starting from AED 25.

    1. Al Harees:

    Al Harees is a wonderful dish of Dubai produced with meat, wheat, a pinch of salt, combined with hours of baking that leaves you craving for a second helping. This dish is mostly eaten during festivals like Eid, Ramadan, or weddings. You’ll be amazed by the hospitality and excitement of the locals when you ask them about Al Harees. It is undoubtedly one of the best dishes to enjoy in Dubai. 

    Price Range: Starting from AED 40

    1. Mandi:

    Mandi is one of the most popular Arabic dishes in the region. This dish features meat and rice mixed with spices that give this dish a unique taste that will attract your tastebuds. This dish goes through a long process where the chicken or meat is cooked for long hours and served with rice. This dish is mostly found in old Dubai and is one of the traditional cuisine in Dubai city.

    Price Range: Starting from AED 17

    1. Oozie:

    It is one of the popular dishes to try out in Dubai. This dish is quite famous in festivities like Ramadan, Eid or Weddings. This dish is cooked with rice and served with either chicken or filled into pockets. You can try this food with yogurt or nuts for a brilliant experience. If you are visiting Dubai anytime in Ramadan, this is one of the best foods to try.

    Price Range: Check upon reaching Dubai

    Vegetarian Cuisine in Dubai

    Since Dubai entertains visitors from all over the world, it values all the different preferences of the individuals therefore Dubai has different food options for everyone. If you are a vegetarian and planning to visit Dubai, you can try out the following food options to make your experience exceptional.


    1. Kousa Mahshi:

    Kousa Mahshi is a classic dish that you must try in Dubai if you are a vegetarian. This dish is eaten as a main course, it is zucchini or courgettes stuffed with rice. The lip-smacking taste of this dish makes it to the list of the best cuisine in Dubai. This dish has received some of the amazing reviews from locals as well as international. 

    Price Range: Starting from AED 12.

    1. Tabbouleh:

    Tabbouleh is a delicious and mouth-watering salad made from green onions, tomatoes, and cucumber seasoned with lemon juice and fresh mint. It is the best food to try in Dubai for health-conscious foodies looking for healthier options. These salads are renowned all over the city for its exceptional taste. 

    Price Range: Starting from AED 25.

    1. Shirin Polo:

    Shirin Polo is a popular dish consisting of Basmati rice with currants, carrots, chicken, raisin, and nuts. The crispy, thick and sweet garnishes of the dish are what make this dish one of the best in Dubai. This dish can also be prepared in vegetarian preferences. This dish will undoubtedly provide you with a satisfying dining experience. 

    Price Range: Starting from AED 25. 

    1. Fatteh:

    Fatteh consists of three layers that make it perfect for an evening meal in Dubai. The foundation of the dish is formed by bread soaked in stock, having chickpeas in the middle along with stuffed aubergines and finally, the top layer has tahini sauce topping and yogurt. You can also pair this dish with pine nuts and paprika. 

    Price Range: Starting from AED 5.

    1. Baba Ganoush:

    Baba Ganoush is one of the best starters you can have in Dubai. It features a delicious dip made up of smoked eggplant mixed with olive oil, tomatoes, and onions. It is a great appetizer that allowed it to crawl into our list of best cuisines in Dubai. You can get this dish easily in Dubai. Don’t miss out on the taste of this dish on your visit to Dubai. 

    Price Range: Check upon reaching Dubai.

    1. Kellaj:

    Kellaj is simply a bread filled with grilled charcoal and halloumi cheese that make this dish a perfect pick for all the cheese lovers out there. It is a perfect pick for your little hunger bombarding your appetite. This is one of the best dishes to satisfy your late evening cravings.

    Price Range: Check upon reaching Dubai. 

    1. Fattoush:

    It is a delight for all the health and fitness conscious individuals providing them with a perfect flavor without costing them those extra pounds. It is a Levantine bread salad made using fried or toasted pieces of Pita bread. This dish will not only add up to your taste but also to your health which makes it amongst our list of best cuisines to try out in Dubai. 

    Price Range: Starting from AED 50. 

    1. Falafel:

    Falafel is a patty or deep-fried ball made up or fava beans or ground chickpeas. It is a delight to eat on your visit to Dubai. Pair it with the bread of your choice to enhance your experience. Falafel is cooked differently in every restaurant of Dubai so make sure to ask the waiter about what it comprises before placing your order. 

    Price Range: Starting from AED 10. 

    1. Madrouba:

    Madrouba is just like the Indian/Pakistan dish Khichdi made up of rice. The cooking process of this dish in Dubai is quite different there. This dish can be taken with chicken or with various vegetarian ingredients like tomatoes, onion, garlic, and more. This dish is easy to find and digest. 

    Price Range: Check upon reaching Dubai.

    Best Street Food Options in Dubai

    The street food of Dubai is recognized throughout the world for its affordable yet tasteful dishes. You can try the following dishes from the street food of Dubai to have a great experience on your holiday to Dubai.

    1. Shish Tawook:

    Shish Tawook is a traditional dish in Dubai which is available on the menu of almost every restaurant in Dubai. This dish is served with traditional kebabs and tastes a lot better when served sandwiched in bread. You can get this dish in Pakistan and India as well. Pair it with fries and pickles to enjoy it the most. 

    Price Range: Starting from AED 25. 

    1. Taboon Bread:

    It is a renowned old Palestinian bread that is served with olive oil and thyme to deliver an exceptional taste for people looking to try the traditional food of Dubai. This bread is served as a street food stuffed with falafel and hummus. The recipe for this bread is a secret of the locals. 

    Price Range: Starting from AED 20. 

    1. Lahem Al Ajin:

    Talking about the street food of Dubai is complete without including Lahem Al Ajin which is popularly referred to as Arab Pizza. It is one of the best things to try out in Dubai. It is an amazing Lebanese flatbread pie consisting of spicy ground meat toppings. If you have an inclination for spicy food, you would love it. 

    Price Range: Starting from AED 25.

    1. Shawarma:

    Shawarma is one of the most popular dishes in Dubai. It is not only famous in Dubai but also throughout the world. It is also one of the mostly eaten street food in Dubai. If you are looking for the best shawarma in town you can head to Ikea Bistro, Shawarma Twist, Doors Freestyle Grill, and Al Mallah. 

    Price Range: Starting from AED 12. 

    1. Oman Chips Roll:

    It is a famous dish in Dubai that has been everyone’s childhood favorite there. Everyone whether it be an adult or a kid loves Oman Chips Roll in Dubai. They are spicy and tasty that is hard to find anywhere else. The roll consists of cheese spread folded into a roll shape with chips that melt the cheese in your mouth as you take a bite of it. 

    Price Range: Starting from AED 2.

    Famous Desserts to Try Out in Dubai

    Don’t you think the cuisine in Dubai remains incomplete without a dessert? There are so many options to try out for cuisines in Dubai when it comes to dessert. We have gathered a list of some of the best desserts to try out in Dubai. 


    1. Luqaimat:

    Luqaimat is one of the most popular desserts in the holy month of Ramadan in Dubai. Luqaimat is simply deep-fried dumplings made up of milk, butter, sugar, saffron, flour, and cardamom. You can never have enough of them. 

    Price Range: Check upon visiting Dubai. 

    1. Mahalabiya:

    Mahalabiya is the constant favorite of the people of Dubai having a sweet tooth. It is a pudding that is rich is taste sprinkled with pistachios and rose water. This dish is usually served cold. The dish loses its flavors upon heating so make sure to try it cold. 

    Price Range: Check upon reaching Dubai. 

    1. Khanfaroosh:

    Khanfaroosh is amongst the best desserts to try in Dubai. You can find this dish anywhere in Dubai. It is available on every nook and corner of the city. This dish is made up of flour, sugar, egg, yeast, saffron, cardamom, and rose water. This dessert is usually served with coffee or tea. 

    Price Range: Starting from AED 70.

    1. Knafeh:

    This dish is known as the queen of the Arabian desserts and is one of the famous desserts to try out in Dubai. It is a sticky pastry made up of gooey sweet cheese with chopped pistachios sprinkled at the top and rose-scented syrup. This food is not only famous in Dubai but also in different Middle Eastern countries. 

    Made up your mind yet? Make sure to try these wonderful dishes on your trip to Dubai to make the most out of your trip. Looking for quality education in Dubai for your young ones? Read our blog to find out.