Modes of Public Transport in Dubai to Get Around the City

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  • Modes of Public Transport in Dubai to Get Around the City

    Are you new to Dubai or willing to pay a visit to Dubai? The common question asked by first- time visitors or tourists on their first trip to Dubai is about the best way to wander around the city. Fortunately enough, the Emirate of Dubai has a vast system of public transport, which is quick, affordable and convenient at the same time! Let’s take a quick overview of the situation of public transport in Dubai. With this article, you would be able to find out the popular modes of public transport in Dubai, common rules and etiquettes, methods of payment while traveling and handy apps to use while commuting around the city.


    The tourists and visitors can easily visit several parts of the city using the Dubai public transport network which is secure and efficient in connecting you to different parts of the city.


    Dubai Metro is the most popular mode of public transport in Dubai. Dubai Metro allows residents to travel in an automated and driverless railway system. Currently, there are two main metro lines operating in Dubai namely the Green Line and the Red Line having over 49 stations throughout the city. In order to travel to Dubai Metro, one should be aware of its routes to reach their destination without any hassle.

    Mode of Payment: NOL Card


    Dubai Tram is one of the latest modes of transportation in Dubai. Dubai Tram currently operates in some of the notable areas of Dubai like Jumeirah Beach Residences, Dubai Marina, and Al Sufouh. There are currently 11 tram stations within Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Lake Towers linking it to Dubai Metro.

    Mode of Payment: NOL Card


    The Public Bus transportation option is the most affordable and convenient option for lower to middle-class people within Dubai. The public bus network of Dubai is vast with air-conditioning, separate compartments for women and families. All of these things add up to a public bus being the convenient mode of Dubai public transport.

    Mode of Payment: NOL Card


    Taxis can be found in every part of the city of Dubai making it another one of the most famous modes of public transportation in the region. It is the most convenient and quickest way to reach any of your destinations within the city. The only disadvantage being that this public transport option is expensive than the others. There are not only Dubai taxis dedicated to the airport but there are also some special taxis especially for families or women, driven by a female driver.

    Mode of Payment: Debit/Credit Card, Cash, NOL Card


    You can also get public transport from apps like Uber and Careem which has recently made its marks in Dubai and has become one of the best ways to move through the Emirate. It allows the users to choose the vehicle of their choice and make their bookings only after checking the fare beforehand. This method is a secure method of traveling within Dubai.