Make your rent payments from credit card now in Abu Dhabi

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  • With a huge number of expats visiting the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the demand for property on rent in Dubai has increased rapidly. While some people can pay the amount of rent easily, others hassle with it and would love it if they could pay this amount from their credit cards and pay their liabilities afterward. Considering the recent needs of the tenants, a property developer in Abu Dhabi has come up with exceptional advance rent payment solutions to provide flexibility and convenience to the tenants. 

    Now you can make your advance rent payments with UAE-registered credit cards on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis.

    According to Khaleej Times, one of the leading property developers in Abu Dhabi, Aldar Properties is now offering the latest incentives to cash-strapped customers subsequent rent-to-own schemes. The property developer made a statement on Monday that its customers will be able to pay their rents using credit cards applicable from 17th August. This offer also adds up to the company’s effort to offer flexible and convenient payment solutions, added Aldar Properties.

    Aldar’s real estate

    Initially, the customers will be able to pay their rent by credit card in person to Aldar’s real estate management company, Provide through mobile and online payment facilities. 

    This new payment method would offer considerable value to tenants. It would provide the customers with innovative solutions including a virtual tour of all available rent-to-own purchasing options and units. This is a great initiative taken by Aldar Properties, we are looking forward to seeing it being implemented elsewhere in the UAE specifically Dubai. This will provide the customers with the convenience to pay their payments without any delay. 

    This will provide Aldar Properties with an upper hand over other developers and will increase their net worth in the market. 

    Let us know if this new initiative will shift your focus towards Aldar Properties or you would still go for other developers while purchasing your property in Abu Dhabi.