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Experience a Unique Dining Experience at Pier 7 Dubai Marina

Dubai is quite popular in the world for its ethnicity. People all over the world, belonging from different countries and culture, find it quite feasible. Having a firm law and order against racism and discrimination, a diverse and progressing society makes up its livelihood.

With rich cultures come rich traditional cuisines. That’s exactly what to expect from Pier 7 Dubai Marina; located at one of the most opulent areas of Dubai, Dubai Marina. From the lavish five-star restaurants from all over the world to the quaint and cosy cafeterias, everything you desire is offered. The variety of cuisines varies from the exotic Lebanese to the hot and spicy Asian. Mouth-watering culinary offerings of Thai, Chinese Japanese and English are not far behind. The delectable food is accompanied by magnificent panorama this place offers. Be it a weekend or weekday, it experiences the buzz of excitement throughout the year, from the residents and the tourists alike, owing to its reputation of being one of the most sought-after places all over UAE.

Here’s an in-depth catalogue on the trendy Pier 7 Dubai Marina and all the scrumptious, traditional food it offers:


What better than irresistible French cuisine reinvigorated with a dynamic Asian-fusion flair? Aspiring for the vision of offering top-notch culinary to its clienteles, Chef Muhammad Islam inaugurated Atelier M.  Join in for the out-if-the-world culinary experience at Atelier M, alongside its luxurious décor boasting off its art-inspired ambience. Perfect for an over-the-top meal with your significant other, serving splendid appetizers, main courses with sides and indulging desserts. The chef’s specials here are the perfect blend with this extravagant world-class dining brilliance.

Our Favourites:

  • Oxtail Ravioli and crab croquettes are worth a shot!


  • 7th Floor, Pier 7 Dubai Marina, UAE

Cost for two:

  • AED 495 (price are subject to change)


  • On Friday, Tuesday & Thursday:

The Rooftop & Lounge from 06: 00 PM till 03: 00 AM

The Restaurant from 07: 00 PM till 01: 00 AM

  • On Monday, Wednesday and the weekend:

The Lounge & Rooftop from 06: 00 PM till 02: 00 AM

The Restaurant from 07: 00 AM till 12: 00 AM

Look Out For:

Ladies night every Tuesday and Friday

Contact & Details:

Phone:      +971 4 450 7766

Email:         [email protected]  



Under the management of Chef Sang Lee of Solutions Leisure Group, Asia Asia offers myriads of varieties of the splendid blends of Middle Eastern spices alongside the fusion with Pan Asian. The passion-filled culinary arts of the chef depict the ancestral route of the Asian Flavours to all over the world.

Asia Asia Pier 7 Dubai Marina

The multiple award-winning restaurants are elegantly designed with lounges seeking their inspirations from destinations like Shanghai, Thailand and others. Unique and ancestral artefacts adorn this place, making for a breath-taking indoor décor.

Our Favourites:

Duck and Dragon Maki, Beef & Truffle Dim Sum are our absolute favourites


6th Floor, Pier 7 Dubai Marina, UAE

Cost for Two:

AED 360


  • Every Sunday, Monday & Wednesday: 06: 00 PM – 01: 00 AM
  • Every Tuesday & Thursday: 06: 00 PM – 02: 00 AM
  • Every Friday: 02: 00 PM – 02: 00 PM
  • Every Saturday: 02: 00 PM – 01: 00 AM

Look out for:

Ladies night held every Tuesday from:

  •  6 PM till 1 AM

Contact & Details:

Phone:      +971 4 276 5900
Email:        [email protected]


Getting its inspiration from a street in Beirut, Abd el Wahab is a famous Lebanese restaurant in the whole of Europe. Damascene walls and embellishments enhance the magnificence of this spectacular place. Due to the popularity of this venue, this chain has widened its approach to different places in UAE, including Abu Dhabi. The most recent opening being of Abd El Wahab The Fisherman, serving scrumptious seafood cuisine. Enjoy a mesmerizing dining experience with the magnificent view of Dubai Marina.

Abd el Wahab

Our Favourites:

Chicory Salad and Grilled Birds with Pomegranate and Lemon Juice are the absolute delectable of this place.

Cost for Two:

AED 140


5th Floor, Pier 7 Dubai Marina, UAE


Every Week from 12: 00 PM – 11: 30 PM

Contact & Details:

+971 4 432 5782


Looking for the best English and European cuisine offerings in Dubai? The Scene by Simon Rimmer has got you covered. The quaint British pub, having a countryside touch to it, accommodates over more than 350 guests in this classic abode. Enjoy the breath-taking view of the outclass Dubai Marina; with a beautiful collection of cocktails and Funktion-One sound system in a casual sitting area.


It is one of the most sought – after places of Dubai and Pier 7 Dubai Marina. Therefore, booking in advance is highly recommended. A very feasible place for the tenants and residents of Dubai Marina, The Scene is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Our Favourites:

Steak and Ale Pie and Fish Tacos are a must-try of this place!

Cost for Two:

Around AED 425


4th Floor, Pier 7 Dubai Marina, UAE


Every week from:

08: 00 Am – 02: 00 Am

Look out for:

Beano’s Family Brunch every Friday

Contact & Details:

  • Phone:     +971 4 422 2328.
  • Email:      [email protected]
  • Website:


Meet. Eat & Mingle.

Cargo offers you the perfect delicacies of Asian cuisine. This laid-back restaurant is one of a kind with floor to ceilings windows providing with the perfect bedazzling view of Dubai Marina. Cargo’s décor is based upon the modern industrial features with pipes and lightings garnishing every corner of the place. A back-bar of stacked wooden crates reveals where the place gets its name from. Alongside the indoor décor, the out-door terrace provides humongous aesthetics of the said place. Indulge in the Asian ‘street food’ cuisine and beverage menus in the social hub of Pier 7 Dubai Marina.

Our Favourites:

Singapore Noodles and Chicken Satay are to die for!

Cost for Two:

AED 280


3rd Floor, Pier 7 Dubai Marina, UAE


  • Every Sunday – Thursday: 04: 00 PM – 02: 00 AM
  • Every Friday: 12: 30 PM – 02: 00 AM
  • Every Saturday: 12: 00 PM – 02: 00 AM

Look out for:

Ladies night,  Every Tuesday: 04: 00 PM – 02: 00 AM

Every Friday: 05: 00 PM – 02: 00 AM

Curry night, Every Monday

Dim Sum & Cocktails, Every Wednesday

Contact & Details:


Inspired by the Amazonian jungles, the whole places exhibits hues of the urban jungle. Vibrant foliage designs the whole boisterous outlook of the whole restaurant. Diversity of cuisines vary from Asian, the Caribbean to Latin American. Effervescence is increased ten-fold with the perfectly hand-crafted cocktails boasting off the entire ambience of the jungle landscape.

Mama Zonia at Pier 7

Parking spaces and valet services are also available at this extravagant place of the socialites.

Our favourites:

Sushi and Banana Chips are simply amazing!

Cost for Two:

AED 460


2nd Floor, Pier 7 Dubai Marina, UAE


  • Every Saturday – Thursday: 12: 00 PM – 01: 00 AM
  • Every Friday: 01: 00 PM – 02: 00 PM

Look out for:

  • Ladies Night Every Tuesday
  • Brunch Deals every Friday and Saturday
  • Wild Wednesdays

Contact & Details:

  • Phone:    +971 4 240 4747
  • Email:     [email protected]
  • Website:


An ideal place with vintage vibes to compliment the tranquil and serene environment of the Dubai Marina. Light on the pockets, this restaurant provides for a laid-back, relaxing time. Recycled furniture, top-notch cuisine, mini-buffet with playing area makes for an ideal family time. Home-styled delectable made perfect with the beverage deals, Fume is surely one of the best places to visit in Dubai Marina.

Our Favourites:

Rainbow bagels and popping cereal milkshakes are a haven for your taste-buds!

Cost for Two:

AED 365


1st  Floor, Pier 7 Dubai Marina, UAE.


Every Week from 12: 00 PM – 03: 00 AM

Contact & Details:

  • Phone: +971 4 421 5669

Dubai Mania, the heart of Dubai, provides for the best of everything to its tourists and residents. Myriads of tourist attractions present in here are the magnets pulling the people all around the globe towards it. Pier 7 Dubai Marina, is one such attraction of the whole of UAE. If you ever get a chance to visit Dubai, we suggest you add this place in your bucket list as well.

The Fun Skydiving Experience with SkyDive Dubai

Dubai, the city with the world’s tallest architectural masterpieces. It is not only the skyscrapers touching the skies but the people as well. In recent years, many extreme sports have flourished in the city, taking proper precautions. Along many of these, is the famous skydiving with Dubai’s heartfelt aesthetics. Giving the bird-view of the enchanting landscapes of Dubai, Skydive Dubai offers safe and weightless flying escapade in the cold, fresh breeze. A once-in-a-lifetime experience provides an adrenaline-fueled thrill while making sure of your safety with well-trained professionals to guide you through a spell-bound journey.

Here’s all that you need to know about Skydive Dubai:

Skydive Dubai was launched by H.E. Nasser Al Neyadi in 2010. Its drop zones are operated at two locations being:

  • The Palm Jumeirah
  • The Dubai Desert Campus

Two skydiving experiences are offered here:

  • The Tandem Skydive; in which the harness binds you to the instructor, who drops down with you and parachutes you safely to the land
  • The Solo Skydive; in which the customers are required to go through the skydiving training course taught at the Dubai Desert Campus


It is the most feasible and quickest way of skydiving. Skydive Dubai has a staff of highly qualified, professional instructors that make your experience, a fond memory. Dropped from over 120 miles per hour, harnessed to one of the instructors, adrenaline junkies get to live this thrilling venture with well-equipped safety gears and measures.

The entire experience lasts for about 3 hours. Furthermore, at the end of the journey, photographs and edited videos of the entire skydiving are given for the go!


The tandem skydiving is offered on both the locations i.e. The Palm Jumeirah and The Dubai Desert Campus


(Subject to change)

  • Tandem skydive:

At The Palm Jumeirah for               AED 1,899

At the Dubai Desert Campus for      AED 1,499

  • Tandem Skydive with videos and photos edited by experts:

At the Palm Jumeirah for                  AED 2,199

At the Dubai Desert Campus for     AED 1,699

  • Third-part tandem insurance:

At the Palm Jumeirah for                  AED 50

At the Dubai Desert Campus for     AED 50

  • One-minute aesthetic Instagram video

At the Palm Jumeirah for                  AED 100

At the Dubai Desert Campus for     Not available

  • Third-part tandem insurance alongside One-minute aesthetic Instagram video:

At the Palm Jumeirah for                  AED 130

At the Dubai Desert Campus for     Not available

Now onto the most exciting part of this briefing, the adrenaline-rushing thrills at Skydive Dubai:


Arriving at the check-in time, the necessary document will be handed out for you to fill them. This process might require your Identification Cards and relevant documents. Once done with the process, your weight will be checked for BMI calculations. It is crucial for this process. At last, after the necessary documents are all filed up, an instructor along with camera flyer will be assigned who will be accompanying you for the rest of the skydiving process. A small briefing will also be conducted to enlighten you on all the necessary precautions and the best postures and positions for this free-fall motion. Lastly, this briefing is accompanied by strapping the harness on around you and the accompanying instructor.


After the briefing, you will be ushered to the boarding room where a pre-boarding check for safety measures will be conducted. Next, clearing all the tests you will finally be allowed to board the plane. The destined jumping altitude is of about 13,000 feet or 4,000 metres. It takes about 20 minutes to reach the mentioned height. The whole ride is filled with anticipation and eagerness for what’s to come next!


Here comes the exhilarating part! Moments before the final jump-off, the trainer will ensure all the last-minute check-ups. Then comes the jumping part where you exit with your trainer and the allocated camera flyer. A free-fall motion of 1 minute is accompanied by 4 – 5 minutes parachuting at 6,000 feet well-above the sky. It lets you explore the panoramic aesthetics of the Palm Jumeirah Islands, with cold sea breeze tickling past your faces and/or the tranquil waves of the desert curves, giving off vibrant hues of Dubai Desert Campus, making you want to relish in the vistas forever.

Feel the weightlessness of your flight with adrenaline-rush at the highest, this whole experience would feel surreal!


The instructor with you will make certain your safe landing. The camera flyer assigned would be interviewing for the entirety of your skydiving to capture your reactions when viewing the astounding of views. Afterwards, you will be escorted to the cafés situated inside to help you relax from your adrenaline-filled ride. It takes up to an hour to get your videos and photos edited by the professionals. There are also souvenir shops present. These souvenirs along with your videos are the best way to cherish your experience by, at Skydive Dubai.


Skydive Dubai offers one of the world’s most recognized skydiving training courses, a golden opportunity for all the adrenaline – enthusiasts to learn all about solo skydiving. Further courses offered can lend you USPA A License, an internationally acknowledged document that grants, thrill-seekers, the permit to skydive from any of the drop zones all around the world.

This experience might consume a lot more time than the tandem zones however, the certifications, it awards, gives more stimulating and exhilarating opportunities worldwide, than any other.


To opt for solo skydiving, completion of AFF Course is a must which encompasses a day theory-based schooling, 7 days minimum skydives and 15 minutes through the tunnels-times.

The training starts with familiarizing the participants through the basics of the sky diving gear, flight postures and positions, technicalities and control of parachutes. A series of operational tests are then conducted which the participants have to, tactfully, succeed in to start with the second programme of this training course.

Afterwards, completion of the first round will be followed by the second phase i.e. indoor skydiving training at Inflight Dubai. All the free-fall motion manoeuvres are taught here, under experts’ supervision, to prepare the students for their solo rides.


(Subject to change)

  • Ground School AED 1,000
  • Category A AED 1,500
  • Category B AED 1,500
  • Category C1 AED 1,500
  • Category D1 AED 1,300
  • Category D2   AED 1,300
  • Category E1    AED 1,300
  • Category E2  AED 1,300
  • Tunnel times (15 minutes) at Inflight Dubai AED 1,005
  • Repeat AFF Jumps(covers the rental gear) AED 1,000
  • In-Total    AED 10,000


The internationally recognized certification is only obtained after the completion of the AFF Course. In order, to acquire this license, the following criteria will have to be met:

  • 25 skydives experience, minimum
  • Written and viva exams of A license exam to be passed
  • Qualify in all the requirements set, for the A license proficiency card

Following the examinations, USPA A License will be issued to you. It is just the permit you need to jump, without supervision, at any of the drop zones around the world.


Coming onto the exciting part of the entire solo skydiving! After completion of your training, the Palm Drop zone of the Skydive Dubai offers you the following deals to enjoy your out-of-the-world experience:

(Prices are subject to change)

  • Dive from 13,000 ft AED 140
  • Dive from 5,000 ft AED 110
  • Coaching Jump AED 420
  • With Camera flyer AED 420
  • Rigging packaging AED 300


(Prices are subject to change)

  • Tickets for a single jump AED 120
  • 10-ticket package AED 1,150
  • 25-ticket package AED 2,750
  • Dive from altitudes 3,500 ft or 5,500 ft AED 100
  • Coaching jumps AED 400
  • Water training AED 150

For further deals, please sign up on the mailing list at the official website of Skydive Dubai.


  • Passports and/or ID is a must for registration
  • Children under 12 are prohibited
  • Ages between 12 – 17 will need a consent form signed by their legal guardians
  • Ages over 70 will have to undergo medical check-ups
  • Skydiving under the influence of drugs is prohibited
  • Scuba Diving is advised to avoid a day before skydiving
  • Comfortable sportswear with shoes is advised. Collared shirts, crop top and shorts are strictly prohibited.
  • The authorized BMI for women is 27.5 (max) and for men, it is 30 (max). Persons are prohibited from participation if the BMI is more than the above-mentioned ones.
  • Pregnant women are prohibited
  • In the case of pre-existing medical ailment, skydiving is prohibited
  • Do not apply for it, in the case of Acrophobia


  • Lockers are available to store some of your accessories.
  • Female instructors are also present. You may request for a female instructor during your bookings or 48 hours prior to your skydiving.
  • Rescheduling is possible if informed 24 hours prior for individuals and 72 hours prior for groups, otherwise, you may risk losing their deposits,
  • For the Hijab-wearing women, special hijabs are available along with the rest of the gear for skydiving
  • It is one of the most popular attractions among tourists; make sure you pre-book your tickets. You can also mention your name in the waiting list on the same day, however; they are mostly on the first-come-first-served bases.
  • Skydiving is weather-dependent. In case of unfavourable weather, rescheduling or refund is also possible.



Closed Every Monday

Opens Every Tuesday till Sunday: 08: 30 am – 04: 30 pm


Opened all week long: 10:00 am – 04: 00 pm


Since skydiving is a contact sport therefore, many precautions have been taken by Skydive Dubai to avoid the exposure to this virus as much as possible.

  • Individuals to be accompanied by only one of their folks.
  • Temperature checks before entering the venue
  • Wearing masks is a requirement
  • Trousers or pants with pockets to be worn to keep the mask in, during the skydive
  • 2 metres social distancing to be practised at all times
  • Payments are only accepted through cards and online transactions
  • Edited videos and photos to be sent via email
  • Interaction on a minimum basis with the staff. You are required to immediately leave the venue after finishing the ride.

Looking for more extreme sports in Dubai? Read our blog about Extreme Sports at XDubai to learn more.

A Guide to Extreme Sports at XDubai

Need a little break from the comforts of life and experience some high-octane, adrenaline-pumping activities? Here we are with yet again with an exciting, in-depth guide to extreme sports at XDubai. Over the years, Dubai has hosted many mad-monkeys thrilling for unique ways to venture into pulse-pounding endeavours at XDubai. Here, all the ‘life on edge’ experiences are offered, however, all the proper precaution and safety measures are taken before doing so. Not just for adrenaline-junkies, many mellow and enlivening adventures are also present for blissful and fascinating family exploration.

Here are all the tempting escapades that are open for an astounding experience at XDubai:


When it comes to extreme sports, the slingshot is always mentioned high up on that list. Get ready to indulge in some jaw-dropping slingshot ride, 120 metres above the ground at a speed of 100km/h. An enthusiastic and well-trained team is prepared with all the necessary precautions to fit you into the harness connected to two durable cords. This exhilarating slingshot ride pulls you high above the ground with an unbelievable force and ends with you swinging back and forth above the Kite Beach for a brief moment. It is a 15 minutes single-rider ride. This enlivening experience is worth a shot with the cold breeze of the beach dancing around your face when you are propelled high above the ground.


Tickets are mostly the first-come-first-served basis. However, online booking is preferred. It is one of the widespread tourist attractions of Dubai therefore, the slots are mostly booked. Nevertheless, you can opt to have your name included in the waiting list, which might make it possible to try it on the same day.

It is mostly priced at AED 280. Further charges of AED 19 if you get it upgraded and have your experience shot on GoPro.


  • From: Thursday – Saturday
  • 1st Slot:  10: 00 am to 01: 00 pm
  • 2nd Slot: 02: 00 pm to 06: 30 pm


  • Kite Beach


  • 45 – 90 Kg Weight allowed
  • 16 – 65 ages allowed. Consent for under 18 needed from parents
  • 140 – 200 cm height allowed
  • Not allowed in case of medical ailments
  • Pregnant women not allowed
  • Not allowed under any drug effect
  • No loose apparels allowed. Closed-back clothes paired with closed-toed shoes only
  • Phones and cameras prohibited
  • Tie your long hair to enjoy a hassle-free experience


Leading in various other aspects, Dubai is also leading in the world with the longest urban zipline. This 1 km long, 16 degrees inclined zipline, is situated at the heart of Dubai Marina giving you the bird-eye view of the opulent place like the fascinating architecture of Princess Tower. A dazzling view of 5-star yachts and the glitzy high tower is a mesmerising experience to explore Dubai’s this neighbourhood. The two simultaneously running ziplines give you the chance to enjoy this experience with your loved one. This unparalleled experience is ensured all the safety measures by, an energized team of professionals. Therefore, you can enjoy this mind-blowing adventure at 80 km/h well-high in the sky!

Xline at XDubai

After this out-of-the-world experience, you can acquire gift cards available at XLine booth at Dubai Marina Mall.


For the steepest and longest zipline on the globe, the tickets of Xline Dubai are not pricey at all.

Merely AED 650 for a solo ride and, AED 1200 to enjoy this terrific view with your friend. A feasible offer for an out-of-the-world experience!


  • Visitation: Thursday – Tuesday. Closed on Wednesdays.
  • Timing is: 09: 00 am – 01: 00 pm
  • Session timings depend entirely on the weather. Booking online will have you informed via emails or SMS.
  • Online booking from their official website as well as from their partners, PlantinumList, is possible. Those living near Dubai Marina can book their tickets from Dubai Xline booth.
  • The whole experience may take up to 1.5 – 2 hours.


  • 12 – 65 of ages allowed. Parental Supervision for all under the age of 18
  • 130 cm is the minimum height allowed
  • 50 – 100 kg of weight allowed
  • Storage facilities available, but only for small bags, wallets and phones. Avoid carrying large bags.
  • Comfortable clothes with closed footwear. No flowy dresses allowed as they might hamper the safety gear.
  • For registration, must bring IDs and passports
  • Wear sunglasses to avoid damage to the contact lens
  • No phones or camera allowed. However, you get a video of your journey recorded on GoPro attached to the helmet without any additional charges
  • Pregnant women not allowed
  • Persons with pre-existing medical conditions are prohibited
  • Hair should be tied back to enjoy your experience to the fullest

Looking for a quality time with family? XDubai’s got you covered here as well:


The biggest skatepark in the whole of UAE, XDubai Skatepark is 3,100 sqm long making it the perfect haven for all the skaters, be it a novice or a pro. Built near the Kite Beach, this park has become a recreational hub to the youth, providing aesthetics with the transitional areas with blocks, informal seating and sloped lawns. Surrounded by beachfront, cafes and kids parks, it is a unique design with shading due to its architectural designs.


‘If fail the first time, keep on trying again’. A motto this unique park goes by for all the novices. If you’re a beginner wanting to try out skating, it’s just the place for you! A well-trained team of professional and enthusiastic skating coaches are here to teach you all you want to know. Here is a low-intensity plaza, specifically designed for beginners. Certain street elements have also been added to it to make your experience a memorable one!

So don’t be afraid to fall! Soar high and get to the final goal of XBowl!


To all the seasoned skaters out there! Here’s your golden chance to explore the most challenging, jaw-dropping skatepark of the whole of UAE. More challenging street elements occupy the centre of the plaza. A challenging set of hurdles have been picked out like ramps, high steps and rails, ledges, banks, vertical walls and pole jams; to dare the even professional of skaters. Another stimulating feature is the 3.2 metres deep Xbowl.

A dare to all the pro skaters! Mastering these obstacles is not going to be a piece of cake! So get your gears ready and get, set, go!


AED 45 for a day pass

AED 1000 for a yearly membership

AED 40 (per hour) for renting of skates



Every Friday till Saturday: 08: 00 am – 11: 00 pm

Every Sunday till Thursday: 03: 00 pm – 11: 00 pm


Taking all the necessary safety precautions, certain rules have been put into place:

  • Protection gear to be worn at all times
  • Snaking is prohibited
  • Kids under 4 years are prohibited entry
  • 3 Wheels, as well as folding scooters, have been banned entry
  • Wearing a helmet is a must at XBowl


You can sign for one-to-one skating lessons from the professional skaters. Each session is of 60 minutes. The cost might vary:

  • AED 150 for the members while, AED 175 for the non-members

Depending upon your choice, you can opt for 5 or 10 extended sessions:

  • For 5 sessions, AED 650 for members and AED 750 for non-members
  • For 10 sessions, AED 1,200 for members and AED 1,300 for non-members

If these sessions are accompanied by any of your friends, the discounted prices will be:

  • For a combined lesson (of two people), AED 270 for members and AED 315 for non-members
  • AED 1,170 for members and AED 1,350 for non-members, for 5 sessions
  • AED 2,160 for members and AED 2,340 for non-members, for  10 sessions


Another masterpiece by Dubai has captured the hearts of children. The absolute bliss brightens up the faces of the young ones just by the mention of the park. Taking this into account, XDubai Skatepark has introduced birthday celebration event of these little munchkins!

Owing to the importance birthdays hold for the parents and children as well as how taken they are by the park, you can now celebrate this event at this masterpiece and make it a fond memory for the children to cherish for the entirety of their lives.

  • PRICES & INCLUSIONS: Only in AED 2,000 the following features could be enjoyed
  • Host 15 children for 2 hours
  • Get access to skatepark alongside skateboards and scooters
  • Party décor including tables
  • AED 45 for an additional kid

Grab this exciting opportunity and enjoy unlimited access to a blissful day!


With the progression in technology, outdoor activities have become an out-of-fashion feat among the young ones. To make out-door activities a trend again, XPark Jr. has introduced features to instil the importance of nature in the minds of young children. Play structures, landscapes resembling a jungle and a ‘farmer’s market’ stall; everything you name is present in this haven.

XPark Jr


  • Situated alongside Kite Beach


  • Petting Zoo with parrots, rabbits and tortoise has the children smitten by it
  • Splash Pads that has a small waterfall and running water with toys to enjoy for a perfect hot summer day
  • Myriads of climbing structures including climbing passages, alongside cargo nets, swings, sandpits

Their Urban Forest School Programme has:

  • Farmer’s market allows children to experience farm life with milking cows, horse riding
  • Basic survival training, cooking and archery lessons are available.

XPark Jr. also allows the birthday celebration of their little ones at the cost of AED 95.

Furthermore, this eco-friendly allows picnic under its canopy trees with some additional costs.


  • Every Monday till Wednesday: 08: 00 am – 06: 00 pm
  • Thursday till Friday: 08: 00 am – 08: 00 pm
  • Saturday till Sunday: 08: 00 am- 06: 00 pm


  • AED 45 – a child accompanied by an adult for 2 hours
  • AED 25 – for the second adult


  • Pack an extra pair of clothes, towels and sunscreen
  • Wear comfortable clothes with flip flops to be able to enjoy freely with your children
  • Take cameras and phones with you to record your child when they bathed in the bliss
  • Pack as light as possible, no storage options are available
  • Some features of the park are restricted to only ages 5 – 12
  • Food from outside is not permitted to promote a healthy and clean environment
  • Stroller facilities are available
  • Supervision of children is solely the responsibility of the parents


In addition to our favourite leisure activities, many other events are hosted. Some of these include:

  • XDubai skating competition, XDubai yoga along with others

To know more about their activities and events, subscribe to their mailing list.


Strict health measures are being followed, to ensure a safe yet exciting journey.

  • The limited capacity of customers allowed
  • Cashless payment methods are ensured, including card payment or online purchasing
  • Temperature checks at the entrance
  • Mandatory to put your masks on for the entirety of your time
  • Floor stickers assigned to maintain social distancing
  • Sanitisers are placed at different distances
  • Disinfection of all the equipment used
  • Health monitoring of the staff

XDubai recognizes the passions of the young-athletes and encourages them to go far and beyond to pursue and commit to their aspirations to the best of their abilities. Furthermore, it also has made possible efforts for children to connect to nature. Thus, if you’re in Dubai, we suggest you give this a shot! Looking for more relaxing places to visit in Dubai? Read our blog about Al Mamzar Beach Park Dubai and Sunset Beach Dubai.

An Extensive Guide About Dubai Frame

Ever made a trip to Dubai? Wondering for a new aesthetic to visit this year? With new attractions opening every year in Dubai, we’ll have you know about just what you seek, the Dubai Frame. A frame of about 45 to 50 floors long, might just be the prop we need to capture beautiful pictures of ourselves, right? Nope! We’ll have you know that this place is much more than what meets the eye. Opened to the world for the first in 2018, Dubai Frame is reported to be the first largest picture frame of the entire planet. Standing 150 metres tall and 93 metres wide, this frame brandishes 18 karats of gold, having the same ring designs that are the emblem of the Dubai Expo 2020 logo.

Here’s all you need to know about the world’s most modern marvel:


Located at the Gate 4 or the Stargate of Zabeel Park. Being an infamous park in Dubai, taxi services are easily available to the people. Parking lots are also accessible to people with private transportation.

Open hours are from 9 am- 9 pm every day. However, the timings of the park differ which from 8 am – 11 pm.

However, the timings may vary during the holy month of Ramadan.


Dubai Frame is hosting millions of visitors in recent years since its commencement. Furthermore, with Dubai hosting the Expo 2020, the frame has become a new attraction among the tourists. It’s probably best to book online tickets, however, tickets are also available at the desk.

  • The tickets vary from 50 AED for adults and 20 AED for 3-12 years aged children
  • Online booking using certain apps like Groupon might give you some discounted prices

Dubai Frame tickets are free of cost to children aged younger than 3 as well as to the persons of determination accompanied by 2 people. It also gives free admittance to Zabeel Park, too.


Dubai is welcoming you heartily to delve into its history, present novelties and future arrangements for its city, all at once through the Dubai Frame! This architectural landmark is constructed in such a way that all the pioneering landmarks of Dubai can be viewed on one side and, on the other hand, could be seen some of the old representations of the city.

Dubai Frame is more than an opulent, shining skyscraper. It has the perfect use of the modern 3D technology and graphics to take you to an astounding exploration of the emirates’ prestigious, humble and livelihood of the past, to the present magnanimous, lavish transformation of the present Dubai, and the future development in this lavishness; Dubai Frame lets you experience it all.


Dubai is known to be home to modern technological fields. By means of such innovation, Dubai Frame has used digital approach for the exhibition of the history of Dubai. From what is displayed, the present Dubai has evolved from humble and prestigious fishing and trading village.


Looking through the tall glass walls gives a wide and panoramic view of the metropolitan hub below this architectural landmark. Boasting the picturesque, aesthetic views of Dubai’s both old and new skyscrapers as well as the iconic emblem of Dubai, Burj Khalifa; this Sky deck gives a briefing on all the icons that represent Dubai to the entire world.


From the Sky deck, entering a tunnel will teleport to the future of Dubai. Beautiful colour vistas and diversity in the out-of-the-world ideas of the future, including underwater constructions and the likes, have completely captured the minds of the tourists and have them waiting in anticipation for what the future, next 50 years, holds for Dubai and the whole of UAE.


After the mind fazing exploration of the 3 phases, Dubai Frame also gives an opportunity to buy some souvenirs to remember this once-in-a-lifetime experience. There is also a “Dubai Moments Walls” where one could get their picture displayed in this mesmerising skyscraper. Some holographic effects, traditional music and the entire ambience just add more to this out- worldly experience for its tourists.


  • Standing in long queues might be a possibility since only 200 people are allowed inside per hour
  • There are sensor films on the Top Floor, therefore, avoid jumping on the glass strips inside it.
  • To witness the amazing aesthetics of the frame, it is recommended to visit before sunset
  • Remember to take a camera with you to take photos as a token of remembrance.
  • Smoking prohibited inside the venue
  • Strollers, as well as large carry bags, are stopped before entering


Dubai Frame reopened on 29th May 2020. Taking the mandatory precautions, following rules and regulations are set into place:

  • Distance between cars in the parking alleys
  • The number of people accommodated inside per hour is reduced
  • Frequent sanitation
  • A firm policy of social distancing
  • No entrance without masks
  • Customary temperature checks of the people


Dubai, a city of magic and dreams. Each new passing moment brings innovation to this fast-paced city. The recent addition to this mesmerising city is the Dubai Frame.

The journey began after parking the car in the parking lot. The near sunset fell upon the sky; the gold-clad frame glittered, basking in the diverse hues of the sky giving out spectacular views and filling tranquillity in the hearts of the people all around. Waiting in the queue, we noticed the large frame standing tall and touching the skyline, giving out magical seams of serenity.

Once we got inside the venue, we were ushered to the museum and gallery located on the mezzanine floor. 3D projections and various holographic effects were used to illustrate the waves of oceans crashing together, shedding light upon the history where Dubai was once a global village. Emirati heritage and traditions were highlighted from the Arabic music being played in the background alongside the mist effects. It is an insightful section of the landmark with many quotes from His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum placed all around it.

Taking the lift we were now moved to the Sky deck. It represents the present-day Dubai and is positioned in such a way as so the north of the frame faced the old emblems of the Dubai city including Umm Hurair areas. On the other hand, in the south were the latest landmarks like Downtown Dubai. In the metaphorical sense, it is truly a bridge between the old and new Dubai. Boasting a liquid crystal sensor film, the floor strip becomes completely transparent as one walks through it giving the complete view of the metropolitan below. Many inverted pyramids were fitted at places, where ones doodles on it could be displayed on the projector. A small café stall was set up for the famished as well. Small interactive screens were placed to help us identify the skyscrapers that could be seen from the tall glass walls.

Entering the elevator once again, we were moved to the top floor. Moving through the tunnels, with special sound effects and 3D projections, an actual time vortex experienced was offered to us and diverse range of ideas was digitally portrayed to show what Dubai will look like in the next 50 years. Be mindful that photography in the section of the frame is restricted.

Going through each of the phases uninterrupted, we were finally directed to the souvenir shops.


Absolutely! The latest attraction in Dubai is definitely worth giving a shot! From interactive 3D displays to the engaging presentations, it leaves quite a mark on the visitors. A perfect attraction to visit with your folks. Dubai Frame is a well-crafted architectural masterpiece and not just a mere gigantic frame for one’s picture. It develops the mind process and gives an insight into the developments one should expect from the commercial hub, in the near future.


  • The closest metro station to this attraction is AL JAFALIYA METRO STATION.
  • From the KARAMA APPARTMENTS, it is hardly a walk of about 10 – 15 minutes.
  • Bus number 29 is suggested to be taken from AL GHUBAIBA BUS STATION.

Dubai is a promising place in all aspects of all, from commercial, educational, industrial to the tourism industry as well. It is a city that magnifies every passing second of the day. There are always new advancements in every aspect and new projects waiting in-line. Dubai Frame is also among those promising projects that invigorate the three phases of life; past, present and the future. It further promises a well-crafted, eco-friendly environment, better health care and many developments in the science and industrial fields as well. Having coordinating closely with the government, all the SOPs provided by the government are strictly followed during the pandemic. Suffice to say, that this is just the break we all need after a year of lockdown. If you ever get a chance to visit Dubai, we suggest you give this place a go!

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IMG Worlds of Adventure Dubai – A Guide

A dream of every child is to star in the action sequences and fight alongside their favourite superheroes.  Here’s to everyone! IMG Worlds of Adventure Dubai is making our dreams come true. IMG is an invitation to everyone to come and be a comrade to their superheroes and a golden chance for adults to relive their childhood. Dubai is home to myriads of great adventure lands, one of the biggest being IMG, a mega-themed park of  1.5 Million square foot, a park so big that you can’t see it being crowded even during the holidays.

Here’s a briefing to IMG Worlds of Adventure Dubai:

It’s divided into four zones. In the first zone, we meet with our favourite cartoon network characters including the Power Puff Girls and Ben10. In the second zone, we will join our Marvel superheroes in the battlefields. In the third zone, we are introduced to the prehistoric era of dinosaurs at The Lost Valley. Be mindful of this one, because survival here is not easy! The last zone is the IMG Boulevard, the terrifying Haunted Hotel of our theme park. So Ladies and Gentlemen, brace yourselves for the adrenaline-rush at the thrilling IMG WORLDS OF ADVENTURE Dubai.


With IMG WORLDS OF ADVENTURE Dubai being one of the world’s biggest temperature-controlled indoor theme -park, it is open to visitations all year round. Opens:

  •  12 pm-9 pm on Saturday till Wednesday
  •  12 pm-10 pm on Thursdays and Fridays.


The taxi fare to the park might be pricey. It’s best to use the free shuttle services to reach this place.


CN is one of the major partners of the theme-park. Along with our favourite cartoon themed joyrides, there is also a 5D Ben-10 cinema. Cartoon Network Zone seems to be the most nostalgic zone out of all. Along with the rides, there is also a Live-Stage CN show, a major nostalgia for all the adults and absolute bliss for the young ones with the rides like The Powerpuff Girls ride, to The Ride with Finn & Jake and the most fun of all, The Amazing Ride of Gumball. Besides, there are restaurants available for the famished and Cartoon Network gift shops, to buy the perfect souvenirs for you. Alongside these, there is an interactive world full of adventures and excitements called the Lazy Town to make it an all the more fun experience.


Along with Cartoon Network, another association of this theme park is with Marvel. With the marvellous 3D animations, we get to join our Avengers in on the battlefield in the Avengers: Age of Ultron.  With Hulk’s Epsilon Base 3D, we get to experience Hulk’s smashing first-hand in the battlefield.  Other experiences we’re offered are Spiderman saving the city alongside Thor’s saving from Loki. There are about 4 restaurants in this Zone, along with gift shops for the go!


This is one of the two original properties of the IMG WORLDS OF ADVENTURE Dubai. With animatronic Dinosaurs attacking and the roller-coaster rides, adrenaline-rush in this is guaranteed. The Velociraptor is one of the fastest, tallest and pulse-pounding ride in the whole of Dubai, Predator with some serious vertical plummeting followed by the Forbidden Territory where we meet with 70 pre-historic animatronic dinosaurs. Our childhood nightmare coming alive! To counter-effect the adrenaline-rush, there is Dino Carousel, which contains some of the livelier and friendly Dinosaurs. Furthermore, there is also the Adventure Fortress. There is more activity as the participants have to pass the hurdles to get to the end. With all the tiresome activities, food, as well as shopping mania, awaits its people.


The fourth zone and also the original property of IMG WORLDS OF ADVENTURE Dubai. Here lies the most thrilling, terrifying and frightening place, THE HAUNTED HOTEL. Navigating your way out of the maze, avoiding the ghostly presence one might encounter, it is exactly a go-to place for an adrenaline junkie. Children under age 15 are prohibited. With several food restaurants available and the souvenir shops, it is proven to be just the break we all need from our boring lives.


It offers the lavish and luxurious comfort of 7-star hotels. It is a multiplex cinema where about 12 movies could be enjoyed at the same time. Facilities like a private lounge, latest LED and sound systems and personal butler services are also provided.


This store located in the IMG Boulevard has the original sketches and stories from many Disney brands including Frozen and many others.


Alongside other equipment, we have the perfect use of Green Screen Technology to capture you in the most thrilling of scenarios including a chase with the dinosaurs or a fight with Marvel’s Avenger.


The prices vary from 195 AED to 5245 AED. Check the official website for special offers. An Annual Pass is also available to be made that gives unlimited access to rides and discounts to some of the other offers till the validity of the card.


IMG Worlds of Adventure Dubai has been following the current SOPs provided by WHO. Ensuring deep-sanitization, and safety protocols, installation of thermal cameras, 2-metre distances among individuals in the queue, disinfecting all the rides before and after the rides, social distancing being practised at all times and only a limited number of guests are allowed inside the rides, shops and the restaurants along with the hand sanitisers being placed at a different place at IMG Worlds of Adventure Dubai.

Dubai has been ruling the commercial world for years now and with now IMG WORLDS OF ADVENTURE Dubai, it’s also ruling the hearts of all the Superhero fanatics. Visiting IMGWAO is like swimming in the tides of euphoria. Following the proper safety and precautions for the rides to providing the facilities of wheelchairs and strollers, ATM as well as First Aid,  IMG Worlds of Adventures Dubai has gone far and wide to tend to all the requirements of its customer. With all the SOPs being followed, it might just be the place to visit for your getaway.

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Peace agreement between UAE and Israel beneficial for real estate market

A new peace agreement was signed between Israel and the UAE which made it the 3rd Arab country to formally normalize its relationship with Israel. This peace treaty between UAE and Israel will be a game changing initiative for both the countries and will open up new horizons for UAE by benefitting the key economic sectors and will bring prosperity to the region as stated by industry experts. 

This treaty will be most beneficial for the real estate market of the region opening up new investment opportunities from the untapped market of the UAE. 

On 29th August 2020, UAE scrapped the economic boycott against Israel allowing financial and trade agreements between these countries taking a key step towards normalizing ties. Both the countries are expected to have conversation this week to promote a bilateral co-operation in sectors like tourism, aviation, finance, trade, energy, health and security. 

Certain strategies still await negotiations such as trade and travel links, opening embassies that are not discussed in the treaty at the time of signing but it is expected out of the treaty that it will drive the real estate market of UAE and will attract more investment from the untapped market in the region. 

According to a data taken from a leading real estate consultancy that indicated that there were several significant demand-supply gaps during 2012 to 2014 where Dubai had over 90000 vacant residential units. However, UAE is expecting this gap to stabilize within 2018 to 2021 to attract huge investments from Israeli investors. 

As per leading developers, this landmark move will help absorb surplus inventory to create more demand for residential units in Dubai offering exceptional lifestyle and infrastructure in the region. 

The partner and director of Danube Properties, Atif Rehman welcomed the UAE-Israel Treaty with open hands and accepted it as a step in the right direction that will bring prosperity and economic stability in the UAE. He said:

It’s a big initiative and will benefit the UAE economy in general and Dubai real estate in particular. The strategic move will help bring more investment into the UAE economy and the property sector will be major beneficiary of it.”

The economy of UAE, primarily Dubai is highly influenced by the real estate market. Moreover, Abu Dhabi and the other Emirates have shown great strides in enhancing their local property market in the upcoming years. 

According to the latest data, the property sector of the UAE is around 5.4% (80.2 billion of GDP) at constant prices for the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It contributes around 7.4% or AED 15.5 billion and 3.6% or AED 28.7 billion of GDP for Dubai and Abu Dhabi, respectively. 

The chief executive of Samana Group of companies, Imran Farooq said that this peace treaty will have a great impact on the socio-economic situation of the region. 

We are hoping for great opportunities for the real estate market from this treaty and is looking forward to see the next move of the Emirate for the sustainability and stability of the region. With this treaty, plenty of new opportunities have been opened up for the real estate market.

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Getting Dubai Investors Visa in UAE – A Guide

Today the United Arab Emirates is considered a land of gold with endless opportunities in the real estate market. With its exceptional free trade zones, UAE serves as a business magnet that attracts foreign investors from all over the world to set up a business in Dubai and secure their investments. If you are an investor looking for investment opportunities in the world, then UAE is surely your go-to place as this country provides the foreign investors to secure their entire capital and earn profits too but this may not be possible without getting UAE’s investor visa that is specifically designed for the people looking to invest in the mainland or free zone area of UAE. Here is all you need to know about Dubai investors visa in UAE:

Dubai Investor’s Visa is issued by Dubai Land Department that is specifically designed for foreign nationals that want to invest in an existing business or start a new business. The validity of this visa is three years and allows the investor to work and live in the UAE. The Dubai Investor Visa Holders can also sponsor their family members. Having shares worth of AED 72000 or more in an existing company, or establishing a new business with a capital investment of the same amount will make you eligible for the Dubai Investor’s Visa according to the rules set by DLD. 

Documents required for Dubai Investors Visa:

You would be needing the following documents to apply for Dubai Investors’ Visa in the UAE:


  • A copy of your passport
  • Last 3 months financial statements
  • Passport size picture with white background
  • Partnership contract
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Trade License
  • Immigrant Establishment Card
  • Service agent contract
  • Emirates ID of other partners
  • Partner’s list (For LLC)

The Memorandum of Association provided must show that the applicant has shares worth of AED 72000 in the company. 


  • Emirates ID form
  • Photographs with white background
  • Medical certificate, passport, original visa, LLC agreement, Immigration Establishment Card, License Copy and Partner’s List


  • Copy of passport and visa along with photographs
  • Typed application

Fees Involved:

(subject to vary)

Description Fees
Entry Permit (for individuals in the UAE) AED 1300
Entry Permit (for individuals outside the UAE) AED 365
Change of status AED 570

Medical Testing

AED 300
Emirates ID for 3 years AED 370
Visa stamping  AED 515



  • The investor gets the flexibility to hold an Emirates ID with Dubai investors visa.
  • 100% recovery of capital plus profits.
  • It makes it easier for individuals to make a corporate bank account in the UAE.
  • It exempts you from paying corporate taxes
  • It makes way for getting a residence visa in Dubai.
  • The investor can benefit from hiring international recruitment.
  • The validity of your Dubai Investor Visa can be elongated. 

The new rules for of Visa in UAE have been announced! Check them out by reading this blog now.

Getting Your Driver’s License in Dubai – A Guide

Getting a driver’s license in Dubai will save you plenty of money used on traveling by metro or cabs. But getting a driving license in a vibrant city like Dubai is not as easy as it may seem. This blog will help you in identifying all the processes, tips and procedures involved to get a driving license in Dubai. All of your confusion and unanswered questions will be answered regarding the process, tests, and procedures involved to get a driving license in Dubai.

Eligibility Criteria:

Any person who is 18 years or above is eligible for applying for a driving license in Dubai. You can get a probationary license if you are 18 to 21 years of age. An application for the driving license has to be submitted to the Road and Traffic Authority (RTA) in Arabic. Based upon this application, a temporary license is issued to you which needs to be created with you at the time of training. 

Documents Required:

The locals can apply for a driver’s license in Dubai through their valid Emirates ID but the foreign expats need to submit certain documents to get their driver’s license. If you are a foreigner living in Dubai, you need to have the following documents:

  • Eye test results
  • Emirates ID (original and copy)
  • Passport size photos (8)
  • Passport with visa page (copy)

Procedure of Getting a Driver’s License in Dubai:

If you suit the eligibility criteria for getting a driver’s license in Dubai, you need to follow the following guide to know how to proceed. The process may seem rigorous to some but it is quite simple. Here is the step by step guide to get your driver’s license in Dubai. 

Procedure of Getting Driver's License in Dubai

  1. First of all, you need to get your eyes tested either through an optician or within the driving school. 
  2. Now you need to register at a driving school approved by the Road and Traffic Authority (RTA) of Dubai where you need to submit all your documents mentioned above. 
  3. You can now obtain your probationary driving license or learner’s permit to begin training. 
  4. Finish all the theory classes either online or in the driving school. 
  5. Pass the theory test to go ahead to the practical training. 
  6. Now you need to complete your practical classes to move ahead to your internal assessment. 
  7. After finishing your internal assessment, you will require to complete city road and highway classes. 
  8. Then clear the internal parking test to proceed for the Road and Traffic Authority (RTA) test.
  9. Pass the RTA test to obtain your license. 

If you somehow fail the test in the first attempt you will have to take an additional 7 classes before appearing for the road test again. 


There is no easy way out when considering to get a driver’s license in Dubai. You have to pass a number of tests in order to get a driving license in Dubai. First of all, you need to clear a theory exam, followed by several internal tests including the yard parking exam. You can attempt the RTA (Road and Traffic Authority) road test after getting success in the theory exam. 

Read the following guide to know what to expect from these exams to prepare yourself accordingly to save your time, money, and any additional hassle. 

Theory Test:

The theory test will be conducted at any authorized driving school registered by RTA. You should have the following documents on the day of your test:

  • The theory test fee
  • Relevant Emirates ID
  • Passport-sized photographs (2)
  • Driving File

The test comprises of 35 questions divided into three distinct segments. These questions and segments are designed to test your knowledge about signals and signs, driving/road hazards, and safe driving guidelines. 

  • The first segment of the test entails 17 questions where you are given various traffic situations. You need to answer correctly at least 11 questions to pass this segment. 
  • The second segment entails 18 questions that focus on the specifics of driving license. You need to get at least 12 correct answers to be eligible for the final road test. 
  • The third segment features the Risk Recognition Test which shows a series of videos showing different environmental conditions. This segment checks your responses to different environmental conditions and how you tackle these situations and their impending risks. 

This test takes place on the touch screen of a computer either in English or Arabic. The candidates who are not aware of both languages can give this exam orally. 


  • Take mock tests online before the final test to assess your standing. 
  • Read and understand the RTA handbook thoroughly before the exam.
  • Memorize all the traffic and road signs.
  • Practice on the RTA mobile app as much as possible. 

Parking Tests:

A parking test is a fully automated test offering detailed instructions about parking that can easily be taken at your driving institute within the smart yard. The five steps in the parking test include:

  • Hill/Slope Parking
  • Parallel Parking
  • Emergency Brakes
  • Garage Parking
  • Angle Parking

Failing the parking tests for five consecutive times will get you to take the internal assessment test again. 

The Road Test and Assessment:

This is the most challenging and crucial part of getting your driving license in Dubai. In this step, you need to prove your worth to the examiner within 10 to 12 minutes. Unlike a theory test, you will be actually driving here. On the test day, you will have to carry the following documents with you:

  • The road test fee
  • Relevant Emirates ID
  • Passport size photographs (Two)
  • Driving File

Wait patiently for your turn till your name is called out. Follow your RTA instructor to your designated car along with other candidates. Drive confidently on your turn as you will be judged over your driving skills. The test results will be provided to you right after the test. Upon passing, you will get an approval letter which will have to be submitted at the Pass Counter with your Dubai Driver’s License Fee and ID Documentation. Then collect your driving file and submit it at the Control Counter. You will have to submit your license fee before proceeding to the photo area. After the photo is taken, you will have to wait for a while to get your hard-earned driver’s license. After getting your driver’s license, you become eligible for the International Driving License (IDL) Dubai. 

However, if you fail this test you will have to take 7 additional tests before you can secure a new date for your road test. 


  • Do as your examiner say and park the car on the side.
  • Dress formally to look busy and professional.
  • Always exit with a “Right” indicator and enter the roundabout only when the left side of the road is clear. 
  • Avoid covering your eyes with sunglasses as the examiner checks your eye movements while driving. 
  • Avoid using hard brakes no matter what. 
  • Adjust your seat and mirror and fasten your seatbelts. 
  • Wait for approximately 3 seconds at the STOP line on the T-junction before entering. 
  • Check your handbrake and get it right before starting. 
  • Change lines only after looking at both sides and rearview mirrors. Make sure to check the blind spot before giving an indicator. 
  • Maintain your speed according to the speed limit and drive confidently. 
  • Maintain a safe distance with other cars. 

Road and Traffic Authority (RTA) Registered Schools in Dubai:


Contact: +971-4-341-1500

Location: Al Quoz


Contact: +971-4-267-6166

Location: Al Qusais


Contact: +971-4-324-3535

Location: Al Wasl


Contact: +971-4-263-1100

Location: Al Qusais


Contact: +971-4-345-5855

Location: Al Mina

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